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Arming Gambeson is available in black. An arming gambeson is a special padded jacket worn under armour, particularly plate armour of fifteenth and sixteenth century Europe. The arming gambeson was specially designed so that parts of the armor could be sewn to it in order to improve security. German gothic armour arming doublets were generally shorter than Italian white armour doublets, which could extend to the upper thigh. In late fifteenth century Italy this also became a civilian fashion. It is theorized that this was because the arming gambeson signified nobility. Whether you are wearing this alone or with armor, it is sure to complement any 15th or 16th century attire.

Made by GDFB.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Reproduction
  • High Quality Gambeson
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Provides Padding Under Armour
  • Leather laces For Closure


  • Large – Shoulder: 20 Inches, Length: 29.5 Inches, Chest: up to 48 Inches
  • X-Large – Shoulder: 22 Inches, Length: 31.5 Inches, Chest: up to 50 Inches
  • XX-Large – Shoulder: 22 Inches, Length: 32.5 Inches, Chest: up to 52 Inches


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