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Arkham Knight Harley Quinn POP Figure

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The most famed female villain in the Batman storyline, Harley Quinn plays a major role in the wildly popular Arkham Knight video games. The supervillainess is depicted in chibi style in this Arkham Knight Harley Quinn POP Figure. Crafted from vinyl, this figure shows the evil alter ego of psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel as she appears in the last installment of the Arkham Knight games. With her hair in pigtails, she wears a dress with her signature black and red accents as well as harlequin themed tights and boots. She holds her weapon of choice in the game, a red and white baseball bat, across her shoulder. This Arkham Knight Harley Quinn POP Figure makes a great item for any fan of Batman, especially those who will recognize her from the Arkham Knight games.

Key Features:

  • Made from vinyl
  • Licensed Arkham Knight figure
  • Depicts Harley Quinn from the Arkham Knight video games
  • Makes a great gift, toy, or personal collectible


  • Height: 3.75 Inches


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