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Antique Silver Flintlock Pirates Pistol


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Along with cutlasses and cannons, the flintlock pistol is a trademark weapon for pirates. The Antique Silver Flintlock Pirates Pistol is a prime example of one of the many styles of flintlock that was used on the seven seas. This decorative flintlock firearm is built with a stock that bears a wooden appearance and fixtures that possess an antique silver finish. The fixtures that are connected to the barrel have been engraved with beautiful vine-like and floral patterns, giving the pistol an elegant appearance. The stand that this replica pirate weapon comes on is made from plastic and allows you to display this awesome decorative piece in any room of your home! It also makes a great gift and realistic costume prop, so add it to your cosplay or the cosplay of someone you know!

Key Features:

  • Displays intricate engravings on the fixtures around the barrel
  • Fixtures possess an antique silver finish
  • Comes with plastic stand
  • The perfect addition to any pirate collection or decor
  • An ideal cosplay prop for yourself and others


  • Stand made from plastic


  • Length: 18 Inches


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