Antique Gentleman’s Pocket Watch

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Pocket watches are an accessory from a bygone age, once worn by men and women of all sort, both as a time piece and as a fashion accessory. They are making a comeback, though, and none look as traditional as this Antique Gentlemans Pocket Watch. This attractive pocket watch features an impressive style, echoing the look and feel of the ornate watches that might have come out of the Victorian age. The watch lid features elegantly embossed designs that twist and twirl around its sides, while the center of the lid features a circular cut-out that gives the wearer a view of the moving watch-hands underneath. Wrapping around this cut-out are Roman numerals, which allow the wearer to tell the time without having to open the lid. The actual watch-face, under the lid, is white and features elegant script, as well as a second series of numbers that count off the seconds and ascend by powers of five. The pocket watch comes attached to a 26 inch long necklace chain. The back of the watch features further ornate designs, possessing an almost floral style. The watch stem twists to adjust the time and lifts and depresses to start or stop the watch to conserve battery life. The stems button opens the cover. The watch comes with batteries, although the watches may start if jostled in transit, so battery life can vary. The pocket watch features quartz crystal movement. If you are looking for a great accessory to add to your attire, or if perhaps you just love the style of an old fashioned pocket watch, then this Antique Gentlemans Pocket Watch is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • A Traditional Pocket Watch
  • Fully Functional Time Piece
  • Suspended on an Antique Necklace Chain
  • Features Roman Numerals and Cut-Out Center
  • Great for Casual Wear or Costume Use
  • Great for Both Men and Women
  • A Fantastic Time Piece


  • Chain Length: 26 Inches
  • Height: 2.75 Inches
  • Diameter: 2 Inches


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