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Antique Brass Zelda Necklace

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A popular icon in the Zelda game franchise, the Hylian Triforce represents the royal family of Hyrule. The Antique Brass Zelda Necklace transforms the fantasy symbol into a fantastic piece of Zelda jewelry for fans to wear. The licensed Zelda necklace displays an antiqued brass finish for a unique look. The Hylian Triforce necklace displays a Loftwing bird that holds a Triforce icon above its wings. Each tip of the spread wings connects to the long chain of the Legend of Zelda necklace. Perfect for fans of the video game series, this Zelda logo necklace will let anyone show their love for the adventures of Link and his princess!

Key Features:

  • Licensed Legend of Zelda merchandise
  • Features Hylian Triforce design
  • Made with antique brass finish
  • Comes on a chain
  • Perfect gaming accessory for fans


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