Anne Stokes Naiad Fairy Box

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Dare you gaze into the mystic pool? The lid of the Anne Stokes Naiad Fairy Box depicts the fairy guardian of the enchanted waters, a challenging look upon her beautiful face. Elegant art nouveau circles and swirls surround the scene. The black-haired fairy is crouched at the edge of a quiet pool, purple lily pads dotting the surface. Her purple wings are spread behind her, their ends slightly webbed and perfectly matched with the purple roses in her hair. This fairy trinket box is square-shaped, and matching purple and teal designs decorate its sides. The artwork is printed on a polyester fabric that covers the outside of the fiberboard box, and a mirror is set on the interior of the lid. Store your most enchanting jewelry pieces and trinkets in this fantasy keepsake container.

Key Features:

  • Based on the fantasy art of Anne Stokes
  • Mirror on interior lid
  • Great for storing small trinkets and jewelry
  • Gorgeous addition to fantasy home decor


  • Made of medium density fiberboard with a polyester fabric outer layer


  • Length: 4 Inches
  • Width: 4 Inches
  • Height: 2.4 Inches


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