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Based upon a tenth century weapon found in London in the nineteenth century, the Anglo-Saxon Seax is a stunning replica of a multifunctional weapon from centuries ago. Bring a historical appeal into your home with this seax. Meant not only for its myriad of uses, the seax was also a weapon to show prestige. This item will have the same effect for you, with ornate gold and silver plated inscriptions and knotwork covering the blade, the hilt, and the scabbard. Gold inscriptions stand out against the dark steel color of this blade, while the wooden hilt features intricate knotwork. The leather sheath features decorative knotwork and belt loops as well, bringing all of the unique elements of this seax together. A museum worthy replica, the Anglo-Saxon Seax will be beautiful addition to the decor of your home or your Viking ensemble.

Key Features:

  • A museum worthy display piece
  • Gold inscriptions stand out against a dark steel blade
  • Intricate gold and silver knotwork features on the wooden hilt
  • Leather sheath features knotwork details
  • Beautiful on display in your home or at your side


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