Amethyst Set of Rune Stones


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When a problem presents itself and you do not know the answer, perhaps it is time to read the runes. This Amethyst Set of Rune Stones consists of twenty-five unique rune stones, each of which is individually carved with an old Anglo-Saxon rune. Each rune stone is unique and carved with a different rune, and each rune is hand painted in gold to make it stand out all the more. The stones are made from quartz amethyst, which is traditionally a gemstone symbolic of healing and protection. Included with the stones is a velvet carrying pouch and an instruction pamphlet. The Amethyst Set of Rune Stones makes for a perfect gift to give, as well as a powerful set of talismans for any spiritualist, Wiccan, or oracle to own and use.

Key Features:

  • A set of 25 individual rune stones
  • Made entirely from amethyst quartz
  • Each stone is carved and hand painted with a gold rune
  • Based on the Anglo-Saxon system of old runes
  • Set includes a pamphlet and a velvet carrying bag
  • Perfect for collecting, oracular readings, rune-scrying, and more


  • Stones vary in size from 1/2 to 3/4th an Inch.


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