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Alpacca Silver Eagle Head Walking Cane


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Once, the gentry of an age saw the cane for its form and its function. Thanks to this handsome Alpacca Silver Eagle Head Walking Cane, it can be seen that way again, serving as both a steady support and a great accent to your personal look. This attractive cane echoes the classic crook handle style, featuring a rounded handle that allows for not only easy carrying, but also a comfortable grip that is sure to suit any gentleman or lady. The walking stick is crafted entirely in fine hardwood and features a handsome black lacquer finish, while also featuring a lovely accent in Alpacca silver on the end of the crook. This accent takes the form of a curled eagles head. Alpacca silver is an alloy of sterling silver, zinc, and nickel, a combination which enhances its durability while also providing a measure of resistance to tarnishing. The cane measures approximately 36 inches long and comes complete with a steel-reinforced rubber tip. Elegant and sophisticated, this Alpacca Silver Eagle Head Walking Cane is a solid choice when you need not only a support to carry along on your walks, but also a stylish piece that will accent your look with striking ease.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine, High Quality Materials
  • Features a Solid and Sturdy Hardwood Shaft with a Black Lacquer Finish
  • Decorated with an Alpacca Silver Eagle Head Cap on the Crook Handle
  • Provides Excellent Support and Stability
  • Great for Use on Walks or as an Accent Piece in Your Costume


  • Length: 36 Inches


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