Adult Retro Captain America Mask

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When you want to dress as the patriotic super soldier known as Captain America, be sure not to forget his iconic mask! The Adult Retro Captain America Mask goes great with Captain America costumes featuring his original suit design. The blue material of the licensed movie mask features a white letter A over his forehead and white wings on the side. A brown strap runs under the chin to hold the costume mask securely in place. Large eye holes ensure that you will have a clear field of vision as you chase down Hydra operatives. This fabric mask goes great with the Adult Retro Captain America Gloves (Item RC-35616) and the Adult Captain America Shield (Item RC-35527)!

Key Features:

  • An officially licensed Marvel product
  • Design based on the Captain America movies
  • A quality costume accessory for Halloween, role-playing, or parties
  • Includes adult-sized fabric mask


  • Made from polyester


  • One size fits most.


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