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Admirals Brass and Wood Spyglass


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The Admirals Brass and Wood Spyglass is a great gift for a nautical navigator in your family. The spyglass measures 24 inches when its four brass tubes are fully extended and a compact 9 inches when fully collapsed. The brass on the spyglass is clear-coated to prevent tarnishing, and it features a solid wood handle and a solid brass cap to protect the lens. Focusing this spyglass is as simple as pushing it or pulling out the eyepiece. The 25-inch spy glass is shipped in a beautiful felt-lined, brass-inlaid hardwood case. The box features brass side inlets on all sides and the brass anchor with rope logo on the top of the box. The box is a smooth finished hardwood that has a gloss finish. The box measures 9.5 inches wide and has a solid brass clasp in front.

Key Features

  • Polished Brass Body
  • Glass Optics For Clear View
  • Fully-Functional Spyglass
  • Includes Felt-Lined Rosewood Box for Storage and Display
  • Capable of 12x Magnification


  • Extended Length: 25 Inches
  • Collapsed Length: 9 Inches
  • Overall Width: 2 Inches
  • Overall Height: 2 Inches


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