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2 Piece Biohazard Green Edge Throwing Knives


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A throwing knife is a perfect choice for quickly and easily dispatch a zombie without causing alarm. By arming yourself with the 2 Piece Biohazard Green Edge Throwing Knives, you can dispose of this infectious pest with little issue! This fearsome pair of drop point knives is crafted from blackened 440 stainless steel with a ghastly twist that every undead enthusiast will die for! A sickly green stains the blades edge, a perfect match to the iconic biohazard symbol carved into its center and the nylon cord wrapped around the handle. Tuck these blades away in durable nylon sheath when you dont need them for quick and easy storage! No matter if the zombie you aim for comes from the apocalypse or is a dummy for a competition, nothing will dispatch it quite like the 2 Piece Biohazard Green Edge Throwing Knives!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from high-quality materials
  • Matching pair of drop point knives
  • Brilliant green finish line the edges
  • Vivid green biohazard symbol on center of knife
  • Wrapped handle for comfortable grip
  • Equipped with sturdy, easily accessible sheath
  • Perfect for training, competitions, and the zombie apocalypse


  • Knives Crafted from 440 Stainless Steel
  • Handle Wrapped in Nylon Cord
  • Sheath Made from Nylon


  • Overall Length: 9.00 Inches


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