1866 Winchester Golden Boy Wood Display Plaque


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In 1866 Winchester released its first repeating rifle, which became a fast favorite of many gunmen in the days of the wild, untamed west. And now, you can celebrate this rifle too, in the form of this 1866 Winchester Golden Boy Wood Display Plaque. The 1866 Winchester Repeating Rifle was the first repeating rifle that Winchester offered, and it likely paved the way for the later model, the 1873 repeating rifle, which is widely regarded as the gun that won the west, if only because of its popularity among those who called the frontier their home. The rifle depicted on this plaque earned its nickname, Golden Boy, thanks to its traditional brass receiver, which you can see even now on this replica. The replica rifle also features a blackened barrel and a wood stock and foregrip, as well as a saddle ring and a brass finished butt-plate. The rifle is displayed on a hardwood plaque that features a light-colored wood stain, which acts as a great background to the rifle, and is supported by a pair of polished brass buffalo head hangers. Displayed underneath the rifle is a brass name plate that gives a bit of detailing about the rifle, labeling this as one of the legendary rifles that won the west, while also featuring a replication of a Winchester Repeating Arms Company certificate. The plaque measures approximately 45 inches long and 9.25 inches tall. Impressive barely seems an appropriate word for this display piece, as even a replica of the legendary Winchester repeater is a piece of true western history. And the best part is that with this 1866 Winchester Golden Boy Wood Display Plaque, you can enjoy it either as a display piece on your mantel, or as a prop rifle that you can take off the plaque and handle for close inspection and adoration.

Key Features:

  • A High-Quality Replica of the Legendary Winchester Repeating Rifle
  • Rifle Has A Wood Stock and Foregrip, Brass Receiver, and a Blackened Barrel
  • Rifle Can be Removed from the Plaque
  • Has Polished Buffalo Head Hangers
  • Adorned with a Replica Winchester Repeating Arms Company Certificate
  • Decorated with a Brass Information Plate that Gives Details about the Rifle
  • Frame Possesses a Beautiful Light Coloration


  • Length: 45 Inches
  • Height: 9.25 Inches
  • Weight: 16 lbs.


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