1803 Napoleonic New France 5 Centimes Coin

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The 1803 Napoleonic New France 5 Centimes Coin is equal parts history and fantasy. The history draws on the realistic look of the coin, while the fantasy comes from the notion that while never minted, this coin is a possibility of what might have been! The coin is based on later era coinage, minted during Napoleons rule of France, as well as during the period when he sought to conquer much of Europe as well. The coin is made in solid copper and features the Napoleonic N and crown on the obverse, while featuring oak leaves and the cino Centimes lettering on the reverse. The coin also features a circulated finish to make it look worn and weathered. And while Napoleon never actually minted coins for his colony in America, this 1803 Napoleonic New France 5 Centimes Coin still holds a historic look, as well as a reminder of what might have been, had things been just a bit different.

Please note that because the coins are struck, they may vary, slightly, from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Authentically struck, like the coins of old
  • Made using sold copper
  • Medallic – coin features two distinctive sides
  • Front features the letter N and a crown
  • Back features oak leaves and the denomination
  • Hypothetical coinage celebrating Napoleon and the Louisiana Purchase


  • Diameter: 26mm
  • Weight: about 9 grams


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