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14 Inch Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship

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At the time of its creation, the Sovereign of the Seas was one of the most expensive warships in existence. The Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship offers a glimpse of this extravagant, yet powerful ship of the line. The excessive funds required to build this behemoth caused a national financial crisis for Charles I and eventually led to a civil war. This model accurately replicates imperious might and majesty of the ship. Painstakingly made from high-quality materials, this model features several cannons and thick, striped sails that are rigged with historical accuracy. Thankfully, you will not have to draw much from your coffers to add this ship to your collection!

Key Features

  • This is NOT a Kit – Comes Fully Assembled
  • Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans
  • Crafted from cherry, birch, maple, and rosewood
  • Masterfully Detailed Deck
  • Sails and Sail-Rigging display historical accuracy
  • Includes Wooden Base with metal nameplate
  • Built with Extensive Use of Historical Resources

A Brief History of the Sovereign of the Seas

HMS Sovereign of the Seas was the most extravagantly decorated warship in the Royal Navy, completely adorned from stern to bow with gilded carvings. The money spent making her, 65,586 pounds, helped to create the financial crisis for Charles I that contributed to the English Civil War. The gilding alone cost 6,691 pounds, which in those days was the price of an average warship. She carried 102 bronze cannons and thus was the most powerfully armed ship in the world at the time. After the launch of the ship, she was cut down and made a safe and fast ship. She was made more maneuverable by reducing the number of cannons. She was in regular service during the three Anglo-Dutch Wars and took part in the outset of the War of the Grand Alliance against Louis XIV of France.

Sovereign became leaky and defective with age during the reign of William III, and was laid up at Chatham, ignominiously ending her days in 1696 by being burnt to the water line as a result of having been set on fire either by accident, negligence, or design. In her honor, naval tradition has kept the name of this ship afloat, and several other subsequent ships have been named HMS Royal Sovereign.


  • Overall Length: 14 Inches
  • Overall Width: 3 Inches
  • Overall Height: 13 Inches
  • Overall Scale: 1:195


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