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It should come as no surprise that we have a lot of swords. And in offering so many of these epic replicas for LARP, cosplay, and other pursuits, we have numerous items that fall under the same style.

In fact, we offer so many swords that sometimes they wind up having the same name, with the only difference being in the minute details on the weapon as a whole!

To make your searching easier, we have made a “Medieval Swords by Name” category that sorts each sword by its name and style. Click on the name or the picture of the subcategory for your battle-ready sword, display piece, or both.

How to Find Medieval Swords

Medieval swords continue to fascinate and find an audience in a new generation of gamers, cosplayers, artists, and collectors. Given the huge variety of styles and types of these hand-held weapons, we find it best to group them according to what they are called.

If you want a long sword but don’t want to go through every single item inspired by the artistry and weaponry of the Middle Ages and relevant eras, you can skip that step, come to this section, and click on the long swords. Do the same with hand-and-a-half swords, bastard swords, short swords, arming swords, greatswords, claymores, and flamberges.

If you are looking for sword styles that feature the same influences, you will still find them here. So, even if you just want all Robin Hood sword types, Knights Templar sword look-alikes, or Masonic sword products, we have those here as well. If you have a specific type in mind and want to find it quickly, our Swords by Name category is ready for you.

Browse our other sword name labels:

  • Agincourt, Charlemagne, Charles V, crusader, cutlass, Dao, dragon, Excalibur, falcata, falchion, fantasy, Henry V, Jian, Khopesh, medieval knight, Messer, military, musketeer, ninja, Richard the Lionheart, Gladius swords & Roman swords, scimitars, Solomon, Spartan, sword canes, two-handed swords, Viking swords, etc.

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Where to Find Medieval Swords for Sale

Having a sword is simply not enough. It must look and feel authentic to go together with the costume and help the user act the part for an immersive experience.

Our sword products are sourced from top manufacturers all over the world. They are also made of high-quality materials. Once traditionally made of steel, modern versions can have stainless steel for blades, brass for pommels, and leather for sword belts, among other combinations.

These Medieval swords are also expertly hand-crafted. If you are not actively engaged in medieval-style battles, you can use them as decorative elements in your home.

Buy a replica of a historical sword for a reenactment or as part of your arsenal of Medieval weapons here at

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