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Calling all LARPers and cosplayers! Seek out Rawblade LARP Props and Weapons when you want to complete your medieval or fantasy look. Based in Spain, this company crafts latex-free foam weapons to match a variety of needs and aesthetics.

When it comes to foam blades and weapons, Rawblade specializes in weapons without inner cores. As they do not have internal cores, their weapons are safe for throwing in LARP combat. They can work as your character’s primary weapon or a piece of emergency gear. Their range includes foam potion bottles, which are often more acceptable than glass ones on the LARP battlefield and perfect for alchemists, healers, as well as many other characters.

From demonic creatures to druids and clerics, you can find a LARP weapon that will suit your character. No matter if you cosplay as your favorite pop culture character or an original one of your own, you can pick up one of Rawblades highly detailed LARP props.

Each weapon has a well-crafted, highly detailed design. They have richly colored finishes. From vibrant purple to lurid green, there is sure to be something that will catch your attention.

Get inspired with the Rawblade LARP props and weapons here. Add to your existing kit or create a whole new character from one of these LARP weapons.

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