Chaos LARP Collection

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If your LARP character leans towards an attitude of villainy, then the Chaos LARP Collection has the live action roleplay weaponry for you. Drawing inspiration from fantasy, these LARP swords, LARP axes, and LARP daggers all feature jagged, angular edges that lend each piece its nefarious appearance. Expertly colored and detailed, they bear a realistic look sure to strike your enemy with fear at your next LARP event. Some of our items, like our Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield and our Chaos LARP Machete, feature a hint of red detail reminiscent of battlefield gore. Made out of industrial foam, these weapons are resistant to shredding and then coated with latex with an elastic gloss finish, making them resilient against abrasion. A fiberglass core provides flexibility and firmness to each weapon. With proper maintenance, the Chaos LARP weaponry is sure to become a favorite time and time for bringing chaos to your live action roleplay events.

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