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There are times when even the most realistic looking prop gun needs that added bang. And when it comes to an added bang, nothing delivers quite like a blank firing pistol. We are eager to present you with a new assortment of firearm replicas, which you can find here in our Blank Firing Firearms and Cartridges section! At first glance, these blank firing pistols have an insanely realistic look, possessing all the fine details that you could expect out of a great replica. But beyond that, they also feature working mechanisms and actions, which means that when loaded with blanks, these blank firing firearms will create the report and crack of a true pistol, without any of the added danger! Blank firing pistols come in a variety of styles, which means whatever your taste in handguns, you can likely find your firearm of choice here. Want to look like Agent 007? Pick up a Walther PPK blank firing pistol and you will be well on your way. Does the Wild West and its six shooters appeal to your sense of style? Grab an old west revolver and practice your spinning and your quick draw, not to mention have a blast cocking back the hammer and firing off a few blanks! We have modern pistols, western revolvers, and modern revolvers. Heck, we even have a rifle! We also offer the various types of blank ammunition you will need to load into these blank firing firearms! Basically, everything you need to make these guns work is right here! They are superb for use as theatrical props and weapons, as the blanks create the sound of real gunfire without the danger of live bullets. They’re also great for K9 training or as starter pistols, or for whatever other uses you might think to put them towards. Please note, however, that blank firing firearms are not toys and should always be treated with the same care and respect that you would give a live firearm. Also, treat blank firing cartridges of all sizes just as you would live cartridges and functional bullets. These practices ensure that when using a blank firing firearm, you’ve got the utmost safety in mind. Our blank firing cartridges come in a variety of calibers and sizes, and each blank firing firearm notes which caliber it is compatible with, so buy accordingly. Do you need the look and feel of a real pistol without any of the danger? Then you need a good, solid blank firing firearm, and luckily, you can find several of those right here.

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