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Certain historical axes used by the Norsemen were also called Danish axes, an early type of polearm. The Vikings’ axes are typically made light enough to withstand throwing, crafted with forged heads and hardened edges.

Other Viking axes were designed for punching through enemy armour or cleaving helms in close combat due to their relatively short cutting edges. The Viking axe was not only used for warfare, serving as a tool on farms and for cutting timber for their Viking ships.

We carry many types of Norse axes, including Danish axes, Viking throwing axes, Mammen axes, bearded axes, and Francisca axes. We also offer Viking replica weapons inspired by the hit show following the life of the legendary Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok.

Many of our Viking axes feature authentic designs and are fully functional for reenactments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is a Viking Axe?

The size of the hafts (handles) and cutting edge (blades) differed throughout the era of the Vikings. Ax hafts can be 140cm (55 inches), and axe heads vary in size and form. Axe hafts are made of wood. The axe head attaches to the other end of the wood. The cutting edge of the axe heads can be seven to 15cm long (3-6 inches).

Later on, the Viking ax heads became bigger. The broad axe can have a cutting edge of 22 to 45cm (9-18 inches). The wider edge made the axe a lethal battle weapon.

What Is a Viking Axe Called?

Axes were standard battle weapons for the Vikings. Axe translates to “øx” in Old Norse. They call their axes Skeggøx, which translates to “bearded axe.” The Skeggøx is not only used in battle but was also a tool for daily living.

What Are Viking Axes Used For?

The axe is mainly used as a weapon for battle considering the Norsemen colonized and raided on a regular basis. The axe allowed them to hack opponents at a safe distance.

Aside from killing enemies, the axe can also be used for woodcutting. The best axe for woodcutting is the Dane axe. It is heavy duty, and it can hack wood easily.

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