Steampunk Brooches & Pins

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If you have on your Steampunk pendant and your goggles, as well as enough rings to cover your fingers and bracelets to swallow your wrists, are you out room to decorate yourself with Steampunk emblems? Why, no! There is still plenty of space on your vest, shirt, or coat lapel for one of our steampunk brooches and pins! Like any other piece of steampunk jewelry, these pins come in a wide assortment of varying shapes and sizes, ranging from classic pins modeled after real-world analogues to stunning examples of wholly unique Steampunk styled decorations! And like any good piece of steampunk adornment, these steampunk pins all feature amazing levels of industrial design, possessing accents of propeller props, gears, cogs, cranks, watch movements, and more! Some of these pins look like military medals, designed to celebrate pilots, while other steampunk brooches are stunning combinations of industrial design and Victorian style. A key brooch, made up of pistons and gears, would be a great way to decorate your lapel, sleeve, or even your hat, while a darter dragonfly pin made up of gear boxes and mechanical parts would be the perfect touch of beauty to any ladys attire. For men and women both, we have the steampunk brooches and pins you will need to add that last touch of industrial style to your steampunk costume.

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