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  • White Bronze Gryphon Pendant

    White Bronze Gryphon Pendant

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  • Gryffin with Egg Necklace

    Gryffin with Egg Necklace

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Formed from the body of a lion with the wings, head, and talons of an eagle, the griffin remains one of the most majestic mythological creatures, appearing in a number of tales and heraldic badges. Here we celebrate this amazing fantasy beast with a wide selection of high quality griffin jewelry, including griffin necklaces, griffin rings, griffin earrings, griffin pendants, and more. Several of our pieces feature the griffin rampant, while others take a more fantasy bent, such as those designed by the noteworthy fantasy artist, Anne Stokes. Made from a mix of fine metals and some featuring shimmering gemstones, our inventory of griffin jewelry makes a fantastic accessory choice for fantasy and mythology enthusiasts!

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