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The story of King Arthur, his loyal knights, and his realm of Camelot is a classic tale of fantasy and fiction. Now you can reenact the last of King Arthurs great battles in the form of a chess game by acquiring one of our impressive Arthurian chess sets. King Arthur does much in his life, and those warriors that he gathers by his side are just as noteworthy, as they struggle with dragons and insurmountable odds yet always seem to come out victorious, so long as they adhere to their knightly goals. Arthur himself proves to be a great king, although not one who is above betrayal and, inevitably, trickery and death. This chess set is an amazingly detailed piece, one that features rich imagery that is worthy of such a classic tale of gallant knights and heroic deeds. Here you fill find the chess set in various states of deconstruction and assembly, meaning that if you wish to purchase the whole table, board, and set of pieces, you can. Or if you would rather just own one piece of the set, you can purchase a piece separately too, ranging from the lowliest of pawns to the highest pieces, the queen and the king, down to even the chess board and its stunning display table! King Arthurs figures have a noble bent, featuring noble wizards and even Guinevere as his queen, while Mordreds forces are a bit darker, employing the likes of demons and dark dragons with Morgana as his queen. Individually, each piece is a stunning little statue, while together, the whole set is unquestionably impressive, acting as both a functional chess set and a display item that would make a fantastic centerpiece in any Arthurian or medieval display. Chess fans or medieval collectors are sure to love this Arthurian chess set, making it a great choice to acquire for your own usage, either all at once or over a period of time, or to give as a gift to those you might know and care for in your life.

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