Make your backyard or lawn into a medieval garden or regal manor courtyard with our selection of outdoor furniture. Give guests to your garden a place to sit with medieval greenman benches, Renaissance garden benches, and more featuring ornate scrollwork and fantasy elements. We offer medieval table bases in a range of sizes and styles, perfect for putting together the right table for your patio or porch. Shop griffin, greenman, and gargoyle table bases here as well as heraldic lion table stands and ornate Renaissance table legs.

Acanthus Leaf Table Base
Acanthus Leaf Table Base

item # OL-F9303

The Acanthus Leaf Table Base brings the beauty of Greco-Roman architecture and artistry to your home or garden. This historical table base has scrolling limbs with acanthus leaf details adding a natural touch to the decadent design.

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Antica Bench
Antica Bench

item # OL-F7567

Give visitors to your garden or dwellers of your home an elegant place to sit with the Antica Bench. The long, rectangular bench seat rests on sturdy twin pedestal legs, each finely accented with classic scroll leaf designs.

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Colossal Ionic Table Base
Colossal Ionic Table Base

item # OL-F9650

Like the ancient Greek architecture revered during the Renaissance, the Colossal Ionic Table Base adds historical elegance to indoor or outdoor decor. This decorative table base has large spiral details beneath is wide top platform.

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Curved Renaissance Garden Bench
Curved Renaissance Garden Bench

item # OL-FS7566

Beautify your garden or patio with antique elegance. The Curved Renaissance Garden Bench has scrollwork on its legs and a border along the curved seat. Finely detailed weathering gives this Renaissance outdoor bench its aged look.

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Greenman Grand Bench
Greenman Grand Bench

item # OL-F7592

The leafy faces of Greenman have been found decorating ancient buildings in Europe. Bring the charming and mysterious nature motif into your own garden, yard, deck, or patio with the intricately detailed Greenman Grand Bench.

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Lion Leg Table Base
Lion Leg Table Base

item # OL-F6588

The Lion Leg Table Base adds intricate, noble style to any home or outdoor decor. This decorative table stand features four roaring, winged lion heads at the top and four lion paws standing upon on its thick, eight-sided base.

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Three Beast Table Base
Three Beast Table Base

item # OL-F6468

Delight in nature and fantasy both when you bring the Three Beast Table Base into your garden. Each foot has a creatures face made of scrolling leaves. Bring a sense of enchantment to your outdoor decor with this fantasy table stand.

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Tuscan Gargoyle Cocktail Set
Tuscan Gargoyle Table Base Set

item # OL-F520S

Gargoyles can guard over any gathering when you add the Tuscan Gargoyle Table Base Set to your home or garden decor. This set includes two matching gargoyle table bases, each with highly detailed, beastly faces and massive bat wings.

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Winged Lion Console Base - 29 Inches
Winged Lion Console Base – 29 Inches

item # OL-FS0132

The Winged Lion Console Base is a handcrafted pedestal ideal for indoor or outdoor decor. Display this short, medieval lion column on its own or pair it with others, sold individually, to form support for your own unique table.

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Winged Lion Console Base - 32 Inches
Winged Lion Console Base – 32 Inches

item # OL-F1175

Nothing beats the majesty of a lion with wings. The Winged Lion Console Base is just the thing to bring a regal vibe to your home decor. A highly detailed winged lion sculpture makes up the length of this medieval table support.

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Winged Lion Table Base
Winged Lion Table Base

item # OL-T38711

Lions and eagles are some of the most regal symbols throughout history. The Winged Lion Table Base combines the two beasts in its intricately crafted detail. Add your own table top to form your own unique Renaissance home accent.

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