Morning Hunt Fine Dining Collection


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  • Sale! Pheasant Bottle Stopper

    Pheasant Bottle Stopper

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  • Sale! Flying Duck Bottle Stopper

    Flying Duck Bottle Stopper

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  • Sale! Morning Hunt Tequila Decanter Tag

    Morning Hunt Tequila Decanter Tag

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The dawn breaks over a misty morn as the hounds catch a scent and begin a merry chase through the fields and woods. For some, the morning hunt is a time-honored tradition. For us, it is also the inspiration for the Morning Hunt Fine Dining Collection, which pulls elements of the hunt itself and transforms them into stunning accents to add to your kitchen and dining room. These accents are all made in the finest of materials, including glass, polished pewter, steel, stoneware, and hardwood. Each piece is made to last, depicting classic sights from the morning hunt, like hunting hounds, ducks taking flight, pheasants, brambles of bush, foxes, and more. These traditional sights from the hunt are transformed into salt and pepper shakers, bottle stoppers, sauce bowls, decanters and tag hangers, napkin rings, and a variety of other fine dining accessories! Any one of these elements would look perfect in a hunting lodge or on a table, served alongside the fruits of a hunt concluded only hours ago! Now the morning hunt can add more to your table than just a pheasant to feast on. Now it can add rich accents in pewter, glass, and wood, shaped like both hunter and prey. Now the hunt can become a part of your evening routine, too, when you set of the pieces of the Morning Hunt Collection in your kitchen or on your dinner table!

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