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Take a unique look at history when you examine our collection of thimbles. These are no ordinary thimbles. Based on historical styles or inspired by elements of their specific time periods, our collectible thimbles are intriguing additions to displays and excellent ways to get to know the history of certain time periods. We offer medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, and Victorian thimbles as well as thimbles shaped like the helmets of their eras. Our Roman Centurion Helmet Thimble and Greek Corinthian Helmet Thimble both make excellent collectibles for fans of those eras, and our Viking Coppergate Thimble blends traditional thimble shape with the shape of a Viking helm to create a unique piece. Whether you are just starting a collection or looking for the next piece, shop our historical thimbles here for pieces of history that stand out in their uniqueness and ingenuity.

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