Pearl Dropper Rhinestone Crown
Pearl Dropper Rhinestone Crown

item # ST4285

Pearls have long been valued as objects of beauty. Their luster and shine makes them highly desirable for any noble lady to own and wear. With this Pearl Dropper Rhinestone Crown, you can drape yourself in their beauty.

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Queens Rhinestone Coronet
Queens Rhinestone Coronet

item # ST2579

The Queens Rhinestone Coronet adds a regal touch to any outfit, making it the perfect hair accessory for medieval weddings or royal balls. This small crown comes in your choice of gold or silver, both accented with bright rhinestones.

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Regal Queens Rhinestone Crown
Regal Queens Rhinestone Crown

item # ST3949

Gleaming with tremendous beauty, the Regal Queens Rhinestone Crown has a highly ornate, traditional style. This silver queens crown has glimmering rhinestones throughout, forming delicate flowers and tall, pointed petal-shaped peaks.

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Renaissance Queen's Crown
Renaissance Queen’s Crown

item # ST3523

Not all who ruled favored extravagant and excessive shows of wealth. Some favored a muted, subdued style. For those rulers and royals who find themselves seeking a simple crown, we offer the Renaissance Queens Crown.

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Roman Laurel Crown
Roman Laurel Crown

item # ST4256

In the ancient days, laurels crowned victors. The Greeks gave them out at athletic competitions and academic ones. For the Romans, an accent like this Roman Laurel Crown would have been worn by victorious generals and warriors.

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Royal Court Crown
Royal Court Crown

item # 13368

The Royal Court Crown measures 3.5 inches high and is 4.875 inches in diameter. This queens crown is plated in sterling silver with rhinestones around the crown. There are rings in the center to assist with bobby pins.

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Royal's Gem Studded Crown
Royal’s Gem Studded Crown

item # ST4175

This Royals Gem Studded Crown reflects what might be one of the most iconic styles for a crown. Decorated with rhinestones and capped with fleur de lis symbols, it is the perfect image of a crown created in a miniature design.

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Silver Draped Crystal Crown
Silver Draped Crystal Crown

item # 13369

When you imagine the highest degree of luxury, power, and majesty that a noble can show, the first accessory you picture is often the crown. Crowns are signs of power and nobility, and this Silver Draped Crystal Crown is no different.

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Silver Medieval Crown
Silver Medieval Crown

item # ST4425S

You are sure to feel as royal as a queen when you wear the Silver Medieval Crown on your head. This stylish metal crown features a medieval-inspired design with regal details decorating the entire surface of its circular shape.

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Simple Queen's Crown
Simple Queen’s Crown

item # ST3947

A crown does not have to be ostentatious and overly ornate to be symbolic of power. One look at the tastefully designed Simple Queens Crown will show that even a simple crown can be as beautiful as ornate and adorned crowns.

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Small Queens Crown
Small Queens Crown

item # 8680

The Small Queens Crown measures 2.625 inches high and is 4 inches in diameter. This queens crown is metal plated in sterling silver with rhinestones around the crown. There are four rings in the center to assist with bobby pins.

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Winter Queen Crown
Winter Queen Crown

item # ST3594

Very few sights match the resplendence of a forest floor covered with freshly fallen snow. In this Winter Queen Crown, however, you will embody the beauty of frosty winter weather in your elegant costume, formal, or bridal wear.

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