Witchcraft is alive and well here at Medieval Collectibles, although you will not find any insidious hexes or curses thrown your way here. Instead, Medieval Collectibles offers a variety of different Wicca-inspired items, covering a wide range of items. Everything here features a touch of the mystical occultism that is typically associated with witches, as well as a few flavorings taken from witch myth and lore to create several items that range from completely serious to attractive and cute. Several of our Wiccan items are perfect for decorating; you will find statues and figurines here that are perfect for just sitting around a room, as well as home decor items that range from small and intriguing to large focal pieces that make for great conversation starters. And that is not all, either; Wiccan trinket boxes will keep all your small ritual materials safe. And we even have Wiccan spell books although unfortunately, they do come empty, as we cannot be sending out our most powerful spells and charms. Whether you are just an avid collector, an interested aficionado, or an actual Wicca practitioner, we have an assortment of Wiccan items that are sure to appeal to your tastes.
Tarot Cards and Rune Sets
Tarrot Cards and Rune Sets

Wicca tradition often incorporates items that are unfamiliar or esoteric from a modern standpoint, including things like Tarot Cards and Rune Sets. Sometimes, these items are for personal use only, and other times, they're for personal rituals practiced by Wiccan tradition.

Wiccan Chalices
Wiccan Chalices

Every witch should have a good chalice readily available and on-hand; if you are lacking this key component to your witchy style, then check out Medieval Collectibles Wiccan Chalices; these dark, creepy chalices are perfect for a witchs use.

Wiccan Home Decor
Wiccan Home Decor

There is no better way to infuse your home with Witchy style then to decorate with some of Medieval Collectibles Wiccan Home Decor items. Several of our items possess decidedly Wiccan or Witchy style that is sure to add mystical intrigue to your home.

Wiccan Jewelry, Wiccan Necklaces, Wiccan Rings, and Wiccan Earrings
Wiccan Jewelry

When you want a striking look, be sure to browse through the many pieces of Wiccan jewelry that we host here at Medieval Collectibles. We carry an assortment of fantastic items like Wiccan necklaces, Wiccan pendants, Wiccan rings, Wiccan earrings, and a mix of Wiccan accessories. Whether you want a pentacle necklace, crescent moon pendant, or a pair of Sabbat earrings, we have the perfect piece to suit your style!

Wiccan Journals and Spell Books
Wiccan Journals & Spell Books

We have Wiccan Journals and Spell Books available at Medieval Collectibles; these Wiccan-inspired books feature decorative covers and come pre-loaded with blank paper, making them perfect for writing, drawing, or recording personal spells and hexes.

Wiccan Statues and Wiccan Figurines
Wiccan Statues & Figurines

Several different types of Wiccan Statues and Figurines are available at Medieval Collectibles, if only because many things from Wiccan mythos make for a good statue; from symbols, to mythic animals, to witches themselves, you will find them all here.

Wiccan Tarot and Rune Pouches
Wiccan Tarot and Rune Pouches

Those who practice Wiccan traditions are likely to know that sometimes, rituals deal with delicate or personal items that should be protected and looked after when not in use. And here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer an assortment of great little Wiccan Tarot and Rune Pouches that are perfect for storing not only their namesakes, but a whole lot more, too!

Wiccan Trinket Boxes and Wiccan Jewelry Boxes
Wiccan Trinket Boxes

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we know how important it is to keep all your little ritual items safe and secure, which is why we offer several Wiccan Trinket Boxes, which help to keep your mysterious and miscellaneous trinkets secure and organized.