Nautical Decor

Relatively new to Medieval Collectibles is a whole different sort of home decor and gift item: our nautical decor section. Here, you will find all manner of nautically-themed items that have everything and anything to do with the ocean but primarily, you will find items that have mostly to do with boats. In this section, you can find a wide assortment of model ships: from civil war model ships to Viking model ships, famous model ships to model pirate ships, you will find our model ship selection is, indeed, quite extensive, not to mention rather impressive as well. And each one makes for a remarkable decor item. But that is not all we have. We have dozens of other nautical decor items that are nothing short of incredibly striking in appearance. We have compasses, sextants, and telescopes some of which are replicas and some of which are totally functional, and many of which are solid metal and incredibly shiny. We have nautical clocks that look like ship wheels as well as actual ship wheels that you can decorate your walls with. And if you are looking for something small, we have shiny nautical key chains, and wait for it ships in a bottle that are really detailed, not to mention really cool. So as you can guess, we have enough items to fill a nautically themed room and more, and all of it is found here, within our nautical decor section.
Civil War Model Ships
Civil War Model Ships

The American Civil War was a very exciting time for naval engagements relatively speaking. Things were changing for the navy, and after the Union and the Confederacy resolved their issues, the worlds view of naval combat would be forever changed. From that war, there were such great ships as the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor, two of the Civil Wars most famous ships as well as the first two ironclad ships commissioned within the then-divided United States. And within Medieval Collectibles Civil War model ships, you will find some very detailed models of these two ships as well as several other ships that found their glory during the American Civil War.

Compasses, Sextants and Telescopes
Compasses, Sextants & Telescopes

If you have got navigational problems, then Medieval Collectibles has the compasses, sextants, and telescopes to ensure that you will never again have problems finding where you are, or where you need to be. But in all seriousness, we carry some particularly fine specimens as far as our nautical navigational equipment goes. If directional navigation eludes you, then perhaps you need one of our many fine compasses: each one is masterfully crafted from quality metals, and more importantly, each one is fully functional, ensuring that never again will the cardinal directions confound you.

Famous Model Ships and Scaled Ships
Famous Model Ships

Do you know what is better than a model ship? A famous model ship, that is what. Imagine it now: you have recently acquired a new model ship to add as the centerpiece of a new theme on your sitting room mantle. The model is breath-taking; it compliments your mantle perfectly. You invite friends over to socialize and be a good host, and immediately, one of your more discerning and knowledgeable friends takes notice of the new model ship on your mantle. Is that the Queen Annes Revenge? they ask. Why yes, you respond with a smile, yes it is. Thanks to Medieval Collectibles famous model ships section, this could be you.

Model Pirate Ships and Scaled Pirate Ships
Model Pirate Ships

Pirates have become something of a modern phenomenon; they have inspired a sort of sub-culture dedicated entirely to a romanticized vision of pirates that, while sometimes inaccurate, still serves to continually advance the popularity of pirates. And for all of you pirate-lovers who find yourself wanting a pirate ship, Medieval Collectibles is glad to carry an intriguing and highly detailed line of model pirate ships. Each of our model pirate ships are hand-crafted from quality materials, and many of them feature as much detailing as could be packed into a model of its size.

Model Viking Boats and Scaled Viking Ships
Model Viking Boats

The Viking longship might be one of the most recognizable ships that sailed the sea. It features a distinctive shape and form, and it was this style of ship that enabled dozens upon dozens of sudden raids to be carried out on countless villages across a great portion of Medieval Europe. And now, Medieval Collectibles offers you a series of glorious model Viking boats that are not only incredible to look at but historically accurate as well. Each of our model Viking boats are based on actual historical designs; in fact, they are modeled after actual Viking boats that were excavated in Norway during the late 1880s and the early 1900s.

Nautical Clocks and Ship Wheel Clocks
Nautical Clocks

Everyone could use a good clock. But finding a good clock that suits a theme can be slightly more difficult, and finding a good clock that fits into a nautical theme could be even more difficult than normal. At least, it would have been difficult, until if you did not know that Medieval Collectibles carries some really cool wall-clocks that just-so-happen to have a very nautical theme. As far as nautical decor goes, these nautical clocks fit right in; there is very little mistaking what these clocks are, or what they were before they were a clock.

Nautical Key Chains, Nautical Key Rings and Nautical Keychains
Nautical Key Chains

Key chains: you either love them or you hate them--although why you would hate them is beyond anyone's guess. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we love them, which is why we offer a tasteful selection of nautically themed key chains that are a perfect way to customize your keys not to mention add a stylish little nautical accessory to a set of jingling items that you'll likely use on a daily basis. Many of our adorable nautical key chains are constructed from polished brass and are, of course, nautically themed, because if they were not, they would not be nautical key chains.

Pirate Wall Signs
Pirate Wall Signs

Do you long to celebrate your pirate style? Do you desire to decorate like a deck-hand but still maintain your modern flare? Well, lament no more me hearties, because at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a fine selection of vintage pirate wall signs that are perfect for just that! Hang one up and you get not only pirate style but also a fun modern decoration!

Ship Wheels, Wooden Ship Wheels and Wooden Wheels
Ship Wheels

Ship wheels are a classic symbol that has long-been associated with seamanship; along with perhaps the anchor, it is a quintessential symbol that implies some sort of association with the sea, a boat, or a nautical theme. And now, you can possess your own ship wheel, to be used as nautical decoration where-ever you should chose. Our ship wheels come in a variety of sizes and, surprisingly enough, functions; we do have a number of small, functional items that feature ship wheel decorations, like bottle openers, that are equally at home in the kitchen as they are on a boat.

Ships In A Bottle and Bottled Ships
Ships in a Bottle

Want a model ship but find yourself lacking the space required? Not all model ships are big space-takers that require you to clear away your own precious clutter in order to make room for them. So if your space is a premium but you still want a model ship, you should check out our collection of ships in a bottle. Now, there is always something intriguing about a ship in a bottle, and the smaller the bottle gets, the larger the intrigue goes. Just how do you build one? How do all those materials get into the bottle, and how do you move them and secure them into place, so that it eventually looks like one of our extremely detailed little ships in a sleek glass bottle?

Tall Ship Scaled Replicas, Scaled Ships and Model Ships
Tall Ship Scaled Replicas

OK, you want the big ships, you got the big ships. Or, rather, if you want the tall ships, you get the tall ships. Our tall ship scaled replicas mean serious business; these model ships are nothing short of amazing. Lets start out with the sizes: these tall ship scaled replicas come in a variety of sizes, ranging anywhere from 14 inches long to a staggeringly large 50 inches long. The 14-inch model ships are small, space-efficient, and nicely bargained; they are not the creme de la creme, per-say, but they are very nice models considering the price paid.