Home Decor and Gifts

Medieval Collectibles has a great selection of Medieval home decor and collectibles. All our medieval collectibles are great for decorating your home, office or used as stage props. These collectibles and home decor items are made of quality materials and very affordable. Whether you are re-doing an entire room or just looking for a few unique Medieval style Home Decor pieces, you're in the right spot! Medieval Collectibles has a great selection of statues that include dragons, knights, gargoyles, religious, skulls and skeletons. We have functional and smokeable medieval and Lord of the Ring pipes for your leisure time and medieval banners and pennants to decorate your walls. We have medieval and archery, books and dvds to learn about medieval history or make a bow. Need something for dinnerware or take to a medieval faire, then checkout our great selection of medieval feastware. We have many more categories that are Home Decor, but are not listed under this category due to the large amount of products in them. If you're interested in Angels, Dragons, Fairies, Gargoyles, Mythology, Knights, and all other things fantasy and medieval, than this is the place to find them in our statues and figurines section. We also offer selections of nautical, western, and wiccan decor that are perfect for celebrating these distinctive sub-cultures. This category is also home to books, historical and fantasy coins, feastware, holiday decor, and more! So if you're looking for something to add to your decor, or if you need to give a gift, this is the place to look!
Medieval Artwork, Fantasy Artwork and Renaissance Artwork

There is great beauty out there, and much of it is expressed through stunning art which oftentimes depicts scenes glimpsed only in our imaginations. And now, Medieval Collectibles is happy to offer you a selection of some of the finest artwork around! We've put together quite the gallery, so that you might select the ones you most desire for your decor.

Medieval Banners, Gothic Flags, and Medieval Pennants
Banners and Pennants

Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer you our line of Medieval banners and pennants. Our Medieval banners and pennants are made of a Cotton/Poly blend fabric, they are hand silk screened with silver metallic ink and are four feet long! These Medieval Banners and pennants are the perfect touch to make your home your castle! Our medieval banners and pennants come in a variety of designs and colors to match the interior of your home. We also offer gothic flags that are 29.5 inches by 42.5 inches. These gothic flags are great for indoors as well as outdoors. The gothic poster flags are made of lightweight polyester and would make a great gift.

Books and DVDs
Books and DVDs

We a wide selection of medieval sword and knife books and videos. Our medieval sword books and videos are very helpful in learning how to sword fight, make a knife, hand to hand combat and sword fighting. These medieval books and videos are great for that medieval person, who would like to learn more about the medieval times. We now offer traditional archery books and videos. Our traditional archery books and videos teach you about the history of longbows, hunting, bow making and target practice. Traditional archery books and videos are great for that beginning archer to learn more about his or her bow.

Replica Coins

All our coins are made from pewter that is either antiqued or gold plated. Our Coins are great for kids of all ages, collectors, gamers and living history groups. These reproduction coins have the same weight, metal alloy and fineness in detail, as the originals from the historical era. Medieval Collectibles has a wide variety of replica Pirate coins, Viking coins, Roman coins, Greek coins, Scottish coins and Celtic coins. These coins historically accurate and are great for classrooms. Medieval Collectibles is your source for replica coins from all the ages.

Dungeon Wares, Dungeon Locks, Dungeon Keys and Whips
Dungeon Wares

Medieval Collectibles offers fully functional locks, shackles, whips, dungeon keys and dungeon chains. The dungeon is a part of medieval history where prisoners were taken for treason, thief or any other crime. Our dungeon wares are great for stage play, theaters, medieval re-enactments and movies. Whether its roleplaying or reenactments we have many styles of medieval whips for punishment and dungeon locks for keeping your prisoner from leaving. These are essential to any dungeon and also make interesting decor.

Feastware, Medieval Glassware and Medieval Feastware

Medieval Collectibles has the biggest selection of medieval feastware anywhere on the internet. Our medieval feastware is made by the top manufacturers around the world with top quality materials. Much of our feastware is made of fine English pewter, which makes it very easy to maintain its gorgeous appearance. Our feast ware is inspired by the Medieval Ages and Gothic Designs throughout Europe. Medieval Collectibles has feastware and glassware products that include medieval chalices, medieval flasks, pewter plates, medieval glasses, pewter tankards, medieval goblets, wine glass, and medieval cutlery.

Holiday Decorations, Holiday Ornaments, and Holiday Village Sets
Holiday Decorations

Whenever you find yourself in the mood for seasonal stylings, come to Medieval Collectibles to find an excellent array of holiday decorations for your home. Our Christmas ornaments, holiday statues, and Department 56 village sets will help anyone find the perfect way to add cheer to your home. In addition to Christmas decor, we also provide fun Halloween accents for those who enjoy spookier celebrations!

Home Accents, Home Decor and Medieval Decor
Home Accents

Medieval Collectibles specializes in distinctive Medieval and Renaissance home decorations and decor. Our home accents are items that do not fit into any category but make great home and office decor items. We have lawn and garden accents, decorative bookends, door knockers, cross, jewelry boxes, plaques, statues, and Viking ships just to name a few of the items. Our Medieval home accents are perfect for themed rooms and make great conversation pieces. Show your true interest in Medieval, Celtic or Renaissance times by displaying an interesting piece of home decor from Medieval Collectibles.

Medieval Pipes, Lord of the Rings Pipes, Churchwarden Pipes and Wooden Pipes
Medieval and LOTR Pipes

These Medieval Pipes are handcrafted by artisans who pride themselves in the quality of each and every pipe they create. Our Medieval and Churchwarden style pipes are made from top quality woods such as briar, white ash, cherry, red oak and some feature exotic woods like Zebra and Ziricote. The stems of our medieval pipes are crafted from Red Oak wood. All of the stems are detachable which makes cleaning an easy task.

Medieval Gifts
Medieval Gifts

Just because something is small does not necessarily make it trivial, and the same stands to reason when gift-giving is concerned. The biggest gifts are not always the best, and the smallest gifts are not always last-minute attempts that are lacking in both personality and effort. In fact, our medieval gifts section will show you that sometimes the smaller gifts can be even more appropriate then the larger gifts. After all, it is the thought that counts, and nothing proves that you were thinking properly when you give a gift that is tailored to a persons specific interests. Luckily, in our medieval gifts section, we cater to a wide array of interests.

Medieval Lighters and Zippo Lighters
Medieval Lighters

A good lighter is very-much like a good pocket knife: you could go without one, but there is really no reason to go without, given how small and easy it is to keep one around. So if you are going to carry one, you might as well carry a good one too, right? So if you are looking for a really good lighter that features awesome medieval styling whether you plan on using it or just collecting and display it makes no difference then you should really check out the medieval lighters section here at Medieval Collectibles.

Medieval Miniatures, Letter Openers, Medieval Key Rings and Miniature Cannons

Looking for a smaller medieval sword, weapon or helm? Medieval Collectibles carries miniatures of medieval items from the Medieval Era. We have miniature pewter Japanese warrior that are on actual historical Japanese documents and examples. We have a variety of miniature swords and letter openers that closely replicate their larger counterparts, with intricately detailed hilts and high-carbon stainless blades. Now, if you like medieval miniatures you can check out or medieval key chains.

Medieval Musical Instruments, Celtic Harps and Scottish Bagpipes
Musical Instruments

Medieval Collectibles has a great selection of functional Early Musical Instruments that were used in the Medieval and Renaissance times. If you are a performer, group band or just interested in learning a new hobby, our Musical Instruments are perfect to do so. They can be used at Renaissance Fairs, Medieval Weddings, Re-enactments and are great collectible pieces and learning tools. These instruments are fully functional (except where noted) and are great quality. We offer a vast range of products along with a vast range in prices. You are sure to find something to suit your style and pocket book. We have everything you need for your Period Music hobby. For the beginner, we have excellent instructional books and CD's. We offer traditional Scottish Bagpipes, Celtic style Harps, Medieval and Irish Flutes, Renaissance Lutes, Fanfare Trumpets, Round Hunting Horns and so much more.

Nautical Decor and Nautical Accents
Nautical Decor

Relatively new to Medieval Collectibles is a whole different sort of home decor and gift item: our nautical decor section. Here, you will find all manner of nautically-themed items that have everything and anything to do with the ocean but primarily, you will find items that have mostly to do with boats. In this section, you can find a wide assortment of model ships: from civil war model ships to Viking model ships, famous model ships to model pirate ships, you will find our model ship selection is, indeed, quite extensive, not to mention rather impressive as well. And each one makes for a remarkable decor item.

Oak Barrels
Oak Barrels

Our Oak Barrels are perfect for the Full Time Pirate or Medieval Re-enactor who likes to do things the old way. Our barrels are handcrafted from American White Oak and come with brass, steel or black metal hoops. The barrels hold a variety of sizes from 1, 2 and 3 Liters to 5 and 10 Liters. Age your own spirits with one of our Oak Barrels. Perfect for aging Mead, Tequila, Brandy, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon or Cognac. We offer a large assortment of Essence that is used to flavor and age your liquor.

Statues and Figurines
Statues & Figurines

What's a good way to add a touch of your favorite medieval things to your life? Decorating! At Medieval Collectibles we make decorating with your favorite medieval things simple and easy, especially when you're looking to spruce up your home decor or living space with a number of new and attractive medieval Statues and Figurines!

Western Gifts and Badges
Western Gifts and Props

The Wild West is an iconic era, one filled with local legends, lawmen, and outlaws that all made a name for themselves in time when a loaded six gun was the best friend a man could have. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a huge assortment of various Western Gifts and Props that serve to recreate some of the iconic objects from the Wild American West.

Wiccan, Wiccan Statues, Wiccan Spell Books, Trinkets Boxes and Home Decor

Witchcraft is alive and well here at Medieval Collectibles although you will not find any insidious hexes or curses thrown your way here. Instead Medieval Collectibles offers a variety of different Wiccan-inspired items, covering a wide range of items.