Medieval Knights and Miniature Knights

If you are looking for a knight statue or figurine to add to your collection or a gift for someone special, you have come to the right place. Medieval Collectibles has a distinctive collection of quality knights. We carry knights in armour, miniature knights, pewter knights, knight sculptures, knight statues, full sized knights and knights on horseback. Medieval Collectibles has knight statues and figurines to fit anyone's budget. We also carry knights of the round table sets and Arthurian chess sets in this knights collection. These beautiful knights provide a unique and artistic touch to the decor of any office or home or business.
Knight Statues, Knight Figurines and Medieval Knight Sculptures
Knight Statues

The knights in this category are standing knight statues and figurines that are cast in resin with great attention to detail. These medieval knights are hand painted and make great home decor items. Our Medieval knights also make great gifts to give to those who love Medieval times or add to a collection of knights. All these miniature medieval knight statues are wearing armour and hold a weapon of their choice. Most of these knight statues are very affordable and will not break the bank.

Miniature Knights On Horseback, Medieval Knights on Horseback and Mini Knights on Horseback
Knights on Horseback

Medieval Collectibles has quality knights on horseback that are very detailed and authentic to the Medieval Era. These Miniature knights on horseback make excellent gifts, home decor or a great conversation pieces. We have Medieval knights, Spanish knights, valiant knights, Crusader knights and black knights that are all on horseback.

Knights In Armour, Armoured Knights, Miniature Knights In Armour and Knight Statues
Knights In Armour

Medieval Collectibles has a huge selection of Medieval miniature knights in armour. Our miniature knights in armour come in different sizes and styles. These knights have articulated pieces of armour that is made to one third scale of real knight's armour. Medieval Collectibles has knights in blackened armour, two toned armour, engraved armour and just plain steel armour. All are made to the highest quality standards and will be the focal point of any home decor. Each piece is complete with its own sword. Our miniature knights in armour make excellent gifts, home decor or great conversation pieces.

Full Size Knight Statues, Medieval Knights and Life Size Knight Statues
Full Size Knight Statues

These medieval knights are full sized statues that are as tall as a human or bigger. Full sized medieval knights are perfect for the entrance to your home, hallway or office. They will not rust like your normal steel armour knights because this medieval knight is made of cast resin. The knight's armour is highly detailed showing flutes in the armour and intricate designs. The medieval knights are holding a weapon of choice in one hand in front of him, while standing on a rock ledge or wooden base.

Miniature Pewter Knights, Mini Knights, Pewter Medieval Knights and Miniature Knights
Miniature Pewter Knights

These miniature pewter knights are normally three to six inches tall and made of cast pewter. Many of our pewter knights are based on important figures in Medieval history or represent the way knights dress during that Medieval Era. Our pewter miniature knights are wearing full suits of armour, chainmail armor, and medieval clothing and carrying medieval shields, sword, axes, spears and pole weapons.

Pewter Medieval Sculptures, Historical Pewter Sculptures and Medieval Knight Sculptures
Pewter Medieval Sculptures

We now carry pewter sculptures that are based on actual historical medieval and renaissance documents and examples. These pewter sculptures are made of solid pewter and have high quality detailed engraving work. Some of our pewter sculptures are on wooden platforms with the characters name on them. Medieval Collectible's pewter sculptures include medieval knights, English Archers, Highlanders, Templar Knights and Hospitaller Knights.

Arthurian Chess Set, King Arthur Chess Set, Knight Of The Round Table Chess Set and Medieval Chess Sets
Arthurian Chess Set

The characters come to life in this absolutely unparalleled pewter rendition sure to become an heirloom collectible. The detailed engraving work of the figurines, the table, and its base with the representation of the Camelot Castle on one side and the sword Excalibur on the other, is astounding. Whether you're a collector or are looking for your first set, you'd be hard pressed to do better than these handcrafted pieces drawn from the rich Arthurian legends. Chess pieces sold separately.

Knights Of The Round Table Set, Knights Of The Round Table Display and Knight Sculptures
Knights Of The Round Table

Medieval Collectibles now offers a full set of the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur, and eleven Knights, gathered around the Table - The knights are nearly 4 inches tall, and each comes with his own seat, except for Arthur, whose throne is a separate item. The table and base are cast in stone colored resin. Each piece is sold separately, so you can add to the collection at your leisure.