Medieval Miniatures

Looking for a smaller medieval sword, weapon or helm? Medieval Collectibles carries miniatures of medieval items from the Medieval Era. We have miniature pewter Japanese warrior that are on actual historical Japanese documents and examples. We have a variety of miniature swords and letter openers that closely replicate their larger counterparts, with intricately detailed hilts and high-carbon stainless blades. Now, if you like medieval miniatures you can check out or medieval key chains. Our medieval key chains include helmets, swords, and axes. Beside the miniature letter openers we also have miniature weapon replica like flails and tomahawks. Finally we have miniature cannons that are great for decorating your shelf or display cabinet.
Miniature Helmets and Mini Helmets
Miniature Helmets

Sometimes, a full-sized helmet is an impractical thing: for whatever reason, be it the pressures of society or a very limited amount of available personal space for decoration, a full-sized helmet just is not an option. But all is not lost; Medieval Collectibles offers a number of miniature helmets that are still very cool and even better, very friendly for those of us who have small amounts of space. Our miniature helmets are modeled after the helmets worn throughout the ages, so whether you want a roman helm or a crusaders helm, its likely to be found here so long as its a miniature, of course.

Miniature Knights of the Round Table Set
Miniature Knights of the Round Table Set

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table remain a popular symbol of equality and gallantry, even today. The stories and legends about this famous group of men inspires countless fantasies and stories about knights who fought for the greater good men who, while sometimes flawed, struggled to always behave in a way that upheld honor and chivalry. You can celebrate these noble men and their arms with Medieval Collectibles miniature Knights of the Round Table set. This collection offers a number of miniatures based on the Knights of the Round Table, which is perhaps the most recognizable of King Arthurs symbols, short of, perhaps, Excalibur.

Miniature Shields
Miniature Shields

Medieval miniature items have a lot of appeal: not only are they great for anyone who is somewhat space-conscientious, they are fantastic little display items that work wonders for keeping a medieval influence alive in your daily routine without having something that is obvious and utterly ostentatious cluttering your personal bubble. Our collection of miniature shields is relatively new here at Medieval Collectibles, and truthfully, they are actually really cool.

Pencil Toppers
Pencil Toppers

What better way to celebrate something you love then to have it situated right on top of the pencil you use on a daily basis? Our pencil toppers are a fantastic way to keep a small medieval influence active and visible in your daily life, without it being obtrusive or offensive in any way. As far as unique little items go, our pencil toppers are among the best: they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are nothing short of intriguing. Some are deadly serious, some are darkly amusing: all are entertaining.

Miniature Letter Openers, Miniature Swords, Medieval Letter Openers and Mini Swords
Miniature Swords and Letter Openers

Medieval Collectibles has a large selection of miniature swords and Medieval style letter openers. Our miniature letter openers come in popular designs like the Excalibur, Musketeers Rapier, Masonic Sword, Templars Sword, Katanas, El Cid, Viking Styles and much more. We have the ever popular Sword in the Stone letter openers that makes a great office desk accessory. We also offer stands for your miniature letter openers and sell them in sets as well.

Miniature Weapons, Miniature Flails, Miniature Tomahawks and Miniature Axes
Miniature Weapons

Besides the miniature letter openers, Medieval Collectibles has miniature weapons that are great for medieval collectors. We have miniature axes, flails and tomahawks that closely replicate their larger counterparts, with intricate detail. The miniature weapons are made of cast metal and wood. Miniature weapons make great gifts at weddings, medieval themed parties or as stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Keep your eye on this category because Medieval Collectibles has more miniature weapons to come in the future.

Miniature Key Rings, Medieval Key Chains, Miniature Keychains, and Medieval Key Rings
Miniature Medieval Key Rings

If you like medieval miniatures you will like our medieval key chains. Our medieval key chains have miniature helmets, swords, and axes on a steel ring. These medieval key rings are great collectibles or make great gifts for the medieval enthusiast. All the key chains that we carry are part of the Knights of the Round Table collection and measure between three to four inches in length.

Miniature Cannons, Medieval Catapults, Civil War Cannons and Navy Cannons
Miniature Siege Engines

Medieval Collectibles carries a full line of miniature replica cannons, medieval catapults, battering rams, and trebuchets. These miniature replica siege weapons are very detailed and historically accurate. They are great collectible pieces and gifts that are ideal for wargamers and collectors. Our cannons, catapults, and other medieval siege engines are made of cast metal and/or wooden parts.