Skeletons and Skulls

Discover our new skull and skeleton product line of beautiful skull heads, savings bank, ashtrays, incense burners and much more. Our skulls and skeletons are constructed of high quality craftsmanship and lifelike intricate designs made of cold cast resin, acrylic, and other materials, which are inspired by Fantasy and Gothic style. Our beautiful skull mirrors, skeleton lamps and home decor pieces will give your home that gothic and fantasy style. We have skull ashtrays, skeleton lamps, and skeleton incense burners to dress up your table or dresser. We office decor items such as skull and skeleton pens, PC toppers and letter openers. Skull and skeleton candle holders can display your favorite tapered candles or keep track of time with our skeleton sand timers during that chess game. Medieval collectibles has skull and skeleton key chains and aroma burners that make great gifts for that special someone. Whether you are skull and skeleton lover - or a skull collector we should have something that should fit your needs and budget.
Skull Ashtrays, Skeleton Ashtrays, Skull Head Ashtrays and Gothic Ashtrays
Skeleton and Skull Ashtrays

We have skull ashtrays that are made out of cast resin and into the shape of skull heads. On some of the skull heads the top of the head comes off revealing an ashtray while others the ashtray is located in the mouth. Medieval Collectibles has Celtic Skull ashtrays, Templar skull ashtrays, demon skull ashtrays, pirate skull ashtrays and much more. We also have other ashtrays that are made in the shape of skeletons and bones. Skull and skeleton ashtrays are a great accessory to adorn any gothic table. You can be sure that when you lay your cigarette down, it is safe in your skeleton protected ashtray.

Skeleton Candleholders, Skeleton Aroma Burners and Skull Candle Holders
Skeleton Candleholders

You'll marvel at these skull and skeleton candle holders and aroma burners. Our skeletons will guard your tapered candles with their sharp claws. You can hang or place a pair of these skeleton candle holders, flanking a doorway, fireplace or favorite tapestry. Our skeleton candle holders and aroma burners are cast in resin and hand finished detail. Medieval Collectibles has grim reaper candle holders and aroma burners in this category. Look for more skeleton candleholders and aroma burners to come in the future.

Skull Home Accessories, Skeleton Decor, Skull Decor and Gothic Decor
Skeleton Home Decor

Take a look, if you dare! Our selection of skeleton and skull home accessories will be a captivating centerpiece of any mantel, dresser or table. We have skull mirrors, grim reaper lamps, skeleton jewelry boxes, skeleton pens and skeleton toilet brush holders. Our meticulous detailed skeleton home accessories will give your home that medieval gothic look. All our skulls and skeleton home accessories are made of cold cast resin and very affordable.

Skeleton Incense Burners, Skull Incense Burners and Gothic Incense Burners
Skeleton Incense Burners

Medieval Collectibles has a stunning collection of skull and skeleton incense burners. Our skeleton incense burners have dragon skeletons, skeletal hands, skeleton coffin, skulls and just plain skeletons. Make a statement in your style of home decor with one of our fine skeleton incense burners. These incense burners are sculpted in cast resin with beautiful, intricate, and hand finished detail. Skeleton incense burners make great gifts or decorate your home in gothic style.

Skeleton Ceiling Lamps, Skeleton Floor Lamps, Skeleton Table Lamps and Skeleton Lighting
Skeleton Lamps

Are you looking for a gothic style lamp with skulls and bones. Medieval Collectibles has skeleton lamps and lighting that has bones made of cast resin that look like the real thing. We carry skeleton ceiling lamps, skeleton hand lamps, skull table lamps and skeleton floor lamps. All our skeleton lamps and lighting are very affordable and are great for gothic style home decor. These skeleton lamps and lighting also make great gifts for the special someone decorating their home.

Skull Heads, Skulls, Celtic Skulls, Knights Skulls, Pirate Skulls and Tribal Skulls
Skull Heads

Medieval Collectibles carries several types of skull heads in this category. We have dragon skulls, tribal skulls, Celtic Lion skulls, crystal skulls, pirate skulls, Viking skulls and Maori Ram skulls just to name a few of them. All our skull heads are very colorful and are all hand painted with great attention to detail. All skulls that we carry are made of cast resin and are smaller than a human skull expect for a few of them.

Skull Money Banks, Skull Savings Banks and Skull Coin Banks
Skull Money Banks

All our skull money banks are made of cold cast resin and hand painted. Medieval Collectibles is sure you will find that special coin bank such as the Knights Templar skull or Viking Skull money bank. The skull is in the shape of a human skull but smaller. The skull head stores the coins or money inside its head. These skull money banks will fool thieves that are not expecting money to be stored inside them while also scaring them away. Our unique skull money bank can be a highlight in your collection or just another piece of Gothic decor anywhere in your home.

Skull T-Shirts
Skull T-Shirts

If you have a thing for skulls, you are in good company here at Medieval Collectibles. We offer a line of skull and skull-themed t-shirts that are sure to knock your socks off, they are just that awesome. In our skull t-shirt section, you will find dozens of incredibly detailed shirts that feature skulls as their central theme. Many of these t-shirts feature more than just a skull as well, adding life and style to this gothic element.