Eras and Cultures

At Medieval Collectibles, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to find what you are looking for. Our Eras and Cultures categories provide one excellent way to do just that, by organizing our products according to various popular historical periods, genres, and styles. Whether you are looking for a particular kind of gothic clothing, a Civil War sword, Japanese armour, camo clothing, pirate flags, steampunk earrings, or any number of other pieces that we carry here on the site, these Eras and Cultures will make it easy to search for the perfect item. Take a moment to explore, and you are sure to find excellent clothing, accessories, weapons, armour, decor, costumes from around the world and throughout history.
Civil War Guns, Civil War Clothing, and Civil War Swords
Civil War

The American Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865, called the War Between the States. Medieval Collectibles offers replica swords, sabers, pistols, rifles, decor, and clothing from the Civil War era. These Civil War collectibles include authentic replicas that are great for Civil War re-enactments, stage props, and collectors. Medieval Collectibles is sure to meet all your Civil War needs.

Crusader Clothing, Crusader Swords, and Crusader Collectibles

The Crusades were a series of holy wars by western Christians to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims. The Templar knights and Hospitaler knights were two of the most well-known orders. Medieval Collectibles carries Crusader clothing, Crusader swords, Crusader armour, Crusader shields, and many other collectibles from this historical period!

Gothic Clothing, Gothic Footwear, and Gothic Decor

At Medieval Collectibles, we provide a wide array of gothic merchandise including gothic feastware, gothic home decor, gothic footwear, gothic jewelry, gothic hats, gothic handbags, and other darkly beautiful odds and ends. Search these categories to find many excellent products featuring the Grim Reaper, ghosts, monsters, spiders, skulls, coffins, and other wicked iconography.

Greek Armour, Greek Clothing, Greek Helmets, and Greek Swords

Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent variety of merchandise inspired by the culture of Ancient Greece and their fierce warriors. We offer Greek armour, Greek clothing, Greek helmets, and Greek weapons for re-enactors and collectors, as well as Greek decor, Greek jewelry, and other Greek collectibles to add Hellenistic flair to your daily life.

Gypsy Clothing, Gypsy Accessories, and Gypsy Costumes

Our gypsy clothing at Medieval Collectibles includes a great series of items that give a sense of the freedom attributed to the gypsy way of life and convey the elegant style that these groupings of people are accredited with having worn. Featured here is a wide variety of gypsy costumes and gypsy accessories suitable for theatrical productions, daily wearing, or the Renaissance fair.

Japanese Armour, Japanese Helmets, and Japanese Katana

Medieval Collectibles carries a full line of Japanese products inspired by samurai, ninja, and other historical Japanese figures. We offer Japanese swords like katana, wakizashi, and tanto, as well as Japanese armour, clothing, and helmets that are ideal for re-enactments. Our Japanese decor allows collectors or enthusiasts to show off their love of Japanese style and culture in their homes or offices.

Military Clothing, Survival Gear, and Tactical Accessories

Medieval Collectibles offers a wide assortment of military, tactical, and survival gear inspired by this integral part of US history. We carry excellent military apparel for men, women, and children, as well as bold military signs and decor to show your support for our troops. Our military replica weapons serve as fantastic collectibles for enthusiasts, and our other tactical and survival products will help you to be ready for any circumstance.

Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Clothing, and Musketeer Rapiers

At Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent selection of musketeer-themed gear, including musketeer clothing and musketeer swords. Inspired by the historical figures and Alexandre Dumas novel, these items range from plumed cavalier hats and tabards to elegant musketeer rapiers and main gauches. We are pleased to provide all the authentic musketeer costume pieces and re-enactment weapons to meet your needs.

Peasant Clothing, Peasant Apparel, and Peasant Armour

Medieval Collectibles provides an excellent selection of peasant clothing and peasant armour that will give anyone fantastic medieval style. Our peasant apparel includes many authentic looks that work well for Renaissance fairs, theatrical productions, LARP events, and costume parties. Our leather armour provides other excellent options for re-enacting uprisings and medieval battles.

Pirate Clothing, Pirate Hats, and Pirate Swords

Medieval Collectibles carries a wide assortment of nautical decor and pirate ship replicas, pirate clothing, pirate weapons, pirate flags and signs, pirate jewelry, and other pirate collectibles that swashbuckler enthusiasts can use for stage productions, the Renaissance fair, costume parties, decorating your home, and showing off your love for the Golden Age of Piracy.

Roman Armour, Roman Swords, and Roman Clothing

We have just about everything a Roman re-enactor could want at Medieval Collectibles. Our Roman armour, Roman helmets, Roman weapons, and Roman clothing work great for LARPing and Renaissance fairs, while our Roman jewelry, Roman statues, and Roman coins can add historical flair to your daily life. If you have always been fascinated by the culture and history of the Roman Empire, be sure to come visit these categories for giftware and collectibles.

Scottish and Celtic Armour, Scottish Clothing, and Celtic Jewelry
Scottish and Celtic

Medieval Collectibles has put together a grand selection of Celtic and Scottish merchandise for the Highlander or Celtic re-enactor. We carry Celtic and Scottish clothing, warrior armour, historical blades, Scottish and Celtic jewelry, as well as an excellent range of musical instruments, home decor, coin replicas, and other accessories that celebrate the rich culture and history of the Scots and Celts.

Steampunk Clothing, Steampunk Jewelry, and Steampunk Accessories

Medieval Collectibles is your one-stop shop for steampunk clothing like steampunk dresses, steampunk vests, steampunk coats, steampunk corsets, steampunk cravats, and much more. Our steampunk accessories range from top hats to period footwear to Neo-Victorian goggles to steampunk jewelry and beyond. We also carry a selection of steampunk collectibles like steampunk statues, steampunk trinket boxes, steampunk clocks, and other striking accents.

Tudor Clothing, Tudor Jewelry, and Tudor Coins

The Tudors rose to power in the year 1485 following the conflict known as the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars fought by the Houses of York and Lancaster. At Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent assortment of Tudor collectibles inspired by these monarchs. Our products include a variety of Tudor clothing, Tudor coins, Tudor jewelry, and Tudor gifts.

Viking Jewelry, Viking Clothing, and Viking Swords

Some of the most well-known explorers and raiders of history, Vikings traveled far, spreading their culture. Medieval Collectibles carries Viking merchandise like re-enactment clothing, Viking jewelry, historical coins, Viking statues, and a variety of Norse weapons. Browse these categories to find functional Viking swords, seax, nasal helms, bearded axes, and much more.

Western Guns, Western Hats, and Western Badges

The Wild West refers the development of the western half of the United States in the latter half of the 19th century. Medieval Collectibles brings the Wild West to its customers with a fantastic array of Western products like Western clothing and costumes, Western gun replicas, Western holsters, Western hats, and Western badges. Finish off any Western look with a fantastic cowboy hat, a sheriff badge, and a six shooter replica!

Zombie Weapons, Zombie Collectibles, and Zombie Apparel

Are you determined to survive the zombie apocalypse, or do you just enjoy stories of the undead? No matter what kind of fan you are, Medieval Collectibles carries a great assortment of zombie products for the living and undead. We provide a number of functional zombie survival tools and tactical weapons, zombie costumes and clothing, Walking Dead collectibles, and zombie home decor so you can fill your life with all things zombie.