The Crusades were a series of holy wars by western Christians to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims. The Crusades began in 1096 and ended in the late 13th century. The term Crusade was originally applied to European efforts to retake the city of Jerusalem, which was sacred to Christians as the site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Thousands of men, and even women, ranging from knights to peasants marched in the Crusades. Many military religious orders combined spirituality with martial ideas of knighthood and chivalry patterned on monasticism. The most famous groups were the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, also called the Hospitalers, and the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, called the Templars. These orders of Crusading knights tried to mediate between the Churchs concerns and the interests of various princes. The Templar knights and Hospitaler knights began to gain popularity and support as they gained wealth. They extended the politics of Western Europe, built and fortified great castles, and sat on the councils of rulers. Join us at Medieval Collectibles and get your Crusader knights clothing, Crusader swords, Crusader armour, Crusader shields, and many other collectibles from this historical period!
Crusader Accessories, Crusader Jewelry, and Templar Jewelry
Crusader Accessories and Jewelry

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent assortment of products inspired by the Crusades. These Crusader accessories and pieces of Crusader jewelry feature inspiration from the historical battles between the Christians of Europe and the Muslim occupiers of the Holy Lands. Browse to find detailed Templar pendants, knight bracelets, Hospitaler pins, and other accents with Crusader cross designs.

Crusader Armour, Templar Armour, and Knight Armour
Crusader Armour

At Medieval Collectibles, our Crusader armour comes in a range of functional armour designs, including Crusader chainmail, Crusader plate armour, and Crusader leather armour. Our Crusader knight armour includes items like breastplates, bracers, greaves, pauldrons, and more. Many pieces of the medieval armour have iconic symbols like the Templar knight cross, Hospitaler knight cross, and the Teutonic knight cross on them.

Crusader Clothing, Crusader Surcoats, and Crusader Tunics
Crusader Clothing

At Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent selection of Crusader apparel for re-enactors and history buffs. Crusader clothing often included medieval apparel like tunics, surcoats, and capes. Most of our Crusader knight clothing displays common symbols of the Templars, Hospitalers, and Teutonic Knights. Be sure to check out our Crusader belts, boots, and other period garments, as well.

Crusader Costumes, Crusader Costume Accessories, and Crusader Costume Props
Crusader Costumes and Props

One of the most significant historical events, the Crusades still influence the way we imagine the medieval period. Choose one of the excellent Crusader costumes for men, women, and kids that we carry at Medieval Collectibles for your next Ren fair, Halloween party, or stage production, and you will be sure to impress! We carry Crusader costume accessories and costume props, as well, to round out your look.

Crusader Daggers, Knights Daggers, and Templar Daggers
Crusader Daggers

Medieval Collectibles provides a full line of Crusader knives, Jerusalem daggers, and other medieval companion daggers for collectors and re-enactors to enjoy. Many Templar daggers and other knight daggers are highly detailed, displaying the symbols of their order and decorated with jewels. Crusader daggers served many uses ranging from defense to functioning as an eating utensil.

Crusader Helmets, Sugarloaf Helmets, and Great Helms
Crusader Helmets

Medieval Collectibles carries many types of Crusader helms like the Crusader great helm, Hospitaler helmets, Crusader sugarloaf helm, Templar helms, and the Crusader bascinet, among others. Many Crusader helmets had small slits for the eyes and mouth, which provided poor ventilation and line of sight. Crusader knight helms were usually put on just before battle because the thick steel used made the design very heavy.

Crusader LARP Swords, Crusader LARP Shields, and Crusader LARP Weapons
Crusader LARP Weapons

Show off your medieval flair the next time you head out onto the battlefield by picking out excellent Crusader LARP weapons from our stash here at Medieval Collectibles! Our Templar LARP swords, Crusader LARP shields, and other medieval LARP daggers provide plenty of choice as you plan your re-enactment gear. Many knight LARP swords and role-playing shields display crosses and other iconic symbols.

Crusader Shields, Templar Shields, and Hospitaler Shields
Crusader Shields

Medieval Collectibles carries excellent Crusader shields in functional and decorative shield designs. Our Templar shields, Hospitaler shields, and other knightly shields display many popular cross emblems and period art, making them distinctive options for SCA battles, re-enactments, the stage, and collecting. A Crusader knight shield served as his first line of defense!

Crusader Statues, Crusader Home Decor, and Crusader Figures
Crusader Statues and Home Decor

One of the most significant conflicts of history, the Crusades can now serve as inspiration for your home decor with the selection of Crusader statues and decorations from Medieval Collectibles! Our Crusader home decor includes a wide array of knight statues, medieval banners, Templar figurines, medieval pillows, metal wall signs, and more. Take a look, and something is sure to catch your eye!

Crusader Swords, Templar Swords, and Hospitaler Swords
Crusader Swords

Medieval Collectibles recognizes that the most important piece of equipment for any knight - especially a Crusader - was his sword. We carry an excellent range of Crusader swords inspired by the weapons wielded by these historical warriors. Be sure to check out our decorative and functional Templar swords, Hospitaler swords, Jerusalem swords, and Richard the Lionheart sword replicas.