For all of your historical weaponry needs, Medieval Collectibles should be your first stop. We carry an excellent selection of functional weapons and decorative weapons suitable for LARPing, SCA events, re-enactments, training, the stage, and display. Crafted by a number of top notch manufacturers, our LARP weapons include LARP archery supplies, LARP swords, LARP pole weapons, LARP accessories, and LARP shields, among other items. Alternately, we provide a number of blades like knives, daggers, and swords. You can search our decorative and functional swords in several different ways, such as Use, Name, or Manufacturer. The sword accessories we carry include everything you will need to display or maintain your sword. Our medieval archery options provide great pieces for new and experienced archers to use for target practice, competitions, and hunting. Our medieval pole arms offer a different array of weapon types to go through, featuring everything from flails to axes to spears and beyond. Our firearm replicas are the most modern weapons that we offer here, making great picks for performances, collections, and cosplay. No matter what kind of weapon piques your interest, you can find excellent options here.
Medieval Archery, Traditional Bows, Youth Bows, Leather Quivers, Arrows and Medieval Crossbows

We have English Longbows, Target Bows, American Longbows and the Legolas Style Bows. Our functional bows come with a one year warranty and are hand made which ensures great quality. We have great archery accessories and are always adding new products. Some crossbows are functional, while others are decorative pieces that can propel bolts a limited distance.

Medieval Daggers, Renaissance Daggers, Roman Daggers, Scottish Daggers and Viking Daggers

Daggers are to be found in every culture known to man, they are the most basic in personal protection. Our collection of daggers include medieval daggers, fantasy daggers, Scottish daggers, Renaissance daggers, Roman daggers and Viking daggers. Medieval Collectibles contains a growing selection of all kinds of Medieval and Renaissance daggers. Our medieval daggers come from top manufacturers from around the world that include Marto, Windlass, Cold Steel, Darksword Armoury, Armaduras, and CAS Iberia  just to name a few of them.

Functional Fencing Rapiers, Fencing Foils, Fencing Masks, Pappenheimer Rapiers and Swept Hilt Rapiers

Medieval Collectibles carries a complete line of fencing swords, rapiers, epees, foils, main gauche and fencing gear. We carry the full line of fencing rapiers and fencing foils from CAS Iberia, Paul Chen, Windlass, Marto and Toledo. All C.A.S Iberia, Paul Chen and Windlass swords are lightweight and fully functional to withstand the rigors of re-enactments. We have fencing jackets and masks to protect you during fencing practice and fencing pants to give you that authentic fencing look. We have the popular rapier styles such as the Pappenheimer rapiers and swept hilt rapiers that are fully functional.

Civil War Pistols, Civil War Rifles, Western Pistols, Western Rifles, Flintlock Rifles, and Blunderbuss Pistols
Firearm Replicas

Medieval Collectibles has many replica firearms from the past and modern times. From the Civil War, we carry Civil War pistols, Civil War rifles, and Civil War muskets, which are truly authentic to that time period. Remember the old flintlocks that were used before the Civil War. Well we have them, Flintlock muskets, Flintlock rifles, flintlock pistols, and blunderbuss pistols. Flintlocks are great for stage props, and pirate costumes and outfits. If you are looking to be an outlaw, U.S. Marshall or a cowboy we have western pistols, six shooters, western revolvers and western rifles.

Knives, Medieval Knives, Combat Knives, Training Knives and Hunting Knives

Here at Medieval Collectibles we have a huge selection of knives. We offer a wide variety of boot knives, combat knives, bowies, hunting knives, folding knives, machetes, push knives, training knives, World War knives and throwing knives. Medieval Collectibles carries only the finest knives from around the world. These functional knives are made by Hanwei, CAS Iberia, Windlass and Cold Steel. Our knives are great for hunting, camping, self defense, practicing and are great collectible knives. Whatever the situation may be, you always need a good quality knife, so get it from Medieval Collectibles that offers knives at affordable prices.

LARP Weapons By Manufacturer
LARP By Manufacturer

At Medieval Collectibles, we offer tons of LARP gear, from several different manufacturers. And if you are, yourself, a connoisseur of fine LARP gear and happen to gravitate towards a specific manufacturer, then we have divided up our LARP weapons by manufacturer to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for, in record time. And if you are just beginning, here is an equally good place to begin; you will find a number of different weapons under each category, enough so that you can establish a starting opinion of any of our various LARP weapon manufacturers.

LARP Swords, LARP Shields, LARP Axes, LARP Daggers and LARP Maces
LARP Collections

Forgotten Dreams is a manufacturer of foam LARP weapons that are replicas of weapons from all ancient eras or come from the imagination of their designers. Now they have released the Collections line of products that include LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP daggers, LARP axes, and LARP maces. These LARP weapons are made of a fiber glass core-rod, encased by a thick layer of plastic foam. The foam of the LARP weapon is covered with a protective latex layer and finish by authentic color shadings. The LARP weapons has a capped core to prevent tearing, splitting, punch-through of the foam.

LARP Weapons, LARP Swords, LARP Axes, LARP Daggers, LARP Maces and LARP Hammers
LARP Weapons

These LARP weapons are made to look like the real thing and will last for years of roleplaying. Our LARP Weapon are the best quality and safest weapons on the market today. We are proud to carry these LARP weapons and swords, bring what has been commonplace in European LARPing and re-enactment to the US. These LARP weapons are ideal for Live Action Role Playing, theatrical props, sword re-enactments and sword fighting. Medieval Collectibles is your leader in supplying your LARP Weapons and LARP swords. Our Selection of LARP Weapons include swords, daggers, axes, oriental weapons, maces, shields and Hammers.

Medieval Pole Weapons, Polearms, Pole-weapons, and Pole Arms
Medieval Pole Weapons

Medieval Collectibles has a full line pole weapons that consist of single headed battle axes, maces, flails, spears, war hammers, double headed battle axes and halberds. These medieval pole weapons were used by the great warriors and knights during the Medieval times. Our full line of pole weapons are made by top manufacturers like Windlass, Art Gladius, Marto, Cold Steel, Denix, CAS Iberia, Paul Chen, and Valiant Armory. We carry a wide range medieval pole weapons in varying degrees of decoration and functionality to satisfy the needs of both the re-enactor and the collector.

Oriental Swords, Katanas, Wakizashis, Tantos, Tsubas and Tai Chi Swords
Oriental Swords

Medieval Collectibles has a full line of functional Oriental swords of all types such as katanas, ninja swords, samurai swords, tai chi swords, tantos, wakizashis, and zatoichis and shirasayas. All our oriental swords are made by top manufacturers CAS Iberia, Paul Chen, Windlass and Cold Steel. Samurai Swords and Katanas, are looked upon as one of the most beautiful and intricate bladed instruments. The Japanese katana is the sharpest sword in the world. We carry a wide range oriental swords in varying degrees of decoration and functionality to satisfy the needs of both the martial artist and the collector. Medieval Collectibles only carries the best oriental swords on the market and are well worth the money.

Sword Hangers, Sword Stands, Sword Plaques, Sword Maintenance and Care Products
Sword Accessories

Medieval Collectibles has a full line sword accessories that consist of sword hangers, sword display stands, sword plaques and sword care products. We have three styles of sword hanger that consist of regular sword hangers, Denix sword hangers and Oriental style sword hangers. We have three styles of display stands that hold your sword on a rack, on a table, dresser or even on the floor. Sword care products consists of kits, waxes, oils and polishes to keep your sword in great condition and that will make it last for years to come.

Medieval Swords, Renaissance Swords, Decorative Swords and Functional Swords
Swords By Manufacturer

Medieval Collectibles offers swords by brand or manufacturer. We have every known and most popular sword maker brands listed below. This makes it easy to find the exact sword you are looking for. We have sword manufacturers that make functional swords like CAS Iberia, Hanwei, Valiant Armoury, Cold Steel, Windlass Steelcrafts, Ritter Steel and Stage Steel. Other sword manufacturers we carry make decorative swords like Acero Toledano, Marto, Denix, Art Gladius and United Cutlery.

Sword By Name
Swords By Name

It should come as no surprise that here at Medieval Collectibles we have a lot of swords. And in offering so many swords, we have several that fall into the same style of sword. Heck, we offer so many swords that sometimes our swords wind up having the same name, with the only difference being in minute details on the weapon as a whole! So to make your searching easier, we have made a Swords by Name category that sorts each sword by its name and style.

Sword By Use
Swords By Use

Its not uncommon to find that while you might have a need or desire for a sword, the design and make of the sword are two things that have been left undecided. If this is your dilemma, then perhaps you should browse our Swords by Use section. Here in this section of Medieval Collectibles, you will find virtually all of the swords we offer, divided up into categories that will help you locate the sword you seek to fulfill whatever need it is you have. If you need functional swords, you can find them here: some are sharp, some are blunted, all are battle-ready, and so long as you treat your sword properly, it will withstand the test of time and see you through battle after battle.

Training Weapons, Wooden Wasters, Polypropylene Training Weapons and Training Swords
Training Weapons

Our fully functional and historically accurate wooden practice weapons and synthetic wasters are made from high quality materials, making them strong enough to meet and exceed all Martial Artist training and practice needs. Each can take the abuse of sparring and reenacting, even edge-to-edge sword fighting. Medieval Collectibles has a full line of training weapons and wasters available from wooden pirate swords, wooden longswords, bokkens, polypropylene trainers, and more.