Oriental Swords

Medieval Collectibles has a full line of functional Oriental swords of all types such as katanas, ninja swords, samurai swords, tai chi swords, tantos, wakizashis, and zatoichis and shirasayas. All our oriental swords are made by top manufacturers CAS Iberia, Paul Chen, Windlass and Cold Steel. Samurai Swords and Katanas, are looked upon as one of the most beautiful and intricate bladed instruments. The Japanese katana is the sharpest sword in the world. We carry a wide range oriental swords in varying degrees of decoration and functionality to satisfy the needs of both the martial artist and the collector. Medieval Collectibles only carries the best oriental swords on the market and are well worth the money.
Decorative Oriental Swords, Decorative Katana, and Decorative Ninjato
Decorative Oriental Swords

Medieval Collectibles is pleased to provide an excellent selection of Decorative Oriental Swords for collectors and weapons enthusiasts to enjoy. Many of our decorative katana, decorative wakizashi, decorative Dao, decorative ninjato, and other blade styles feature ornamental detailing that makes them fine display pieces for showing off on a stand or wall hanger, while others come with harnesses and scabbards that allow you to wear them as props.

Functional Katanas, Japanese Katanas, Samurai Swords and Japanese Swords
Functional Katanas

The katana is the word for sword in the Japanese language and is often called samurai sword. The katana is a curved, single-edged sword with a circular or squared guard, and long grip to accommodate two hands. The katana is associated and used by the samurai of Japan and is known for its extraordinary sharpness and cutting ability. Medieval Collectibles is proud to present our full line of functional oriental katanas from top manufactures around the world. Many of our katanas are great for collectors, re-enactors and enthusiasts because they are very authentic and great show pieces.

Shirasaya Swords, Shirasaya Samurai Swords and Japanese Shirasaya Swords
Functional Shirasayas

Shirasaya swords are a real find because not many manufacturers make them. These are genuine Shirasaya swords from Hanwei that are fully functional and authentic. Shirasaya swords come with impressive natural wood scabbards and wood handles with hand forged and folded powder steel blades. The hardwood Shirasaya is solidly made to provide safe storage of the blade when not in use. Often referred to as a Cane Sword because this weapon was frequently chosen by Samurai because its sleek and simple appearance made it very easy to conceal.

Tai Chi Swords, Jian Swords and Gim Swords
Functional Tai Chi Swords

The Tai Chi was the original sword of the Samurai. Tai Chi swords have become a symbol of status due to the beauty of their decorative sheaths and their elaborate ornamentation. Medieval Collectibles carries Tai Chi swords that are designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu. We also have Tai Chi tassels and carrying case to give your sword that look and protection.

Functional Tantos, Samurai Tantos and Japanese Daggers
Functional Tantos

The functional Japanese tanto is a Japanese dagger, strictly one with a guard and has all of the fittings used on swords. The Japanese tanto blade rarely exceeds 12 inches in length and usually accompanying a katana. The Japanese tanto is constantly carried and not being left at the door when paying a visit. Japanese tantos were designed primarily as a stabbing instrument, but the edge can be used to slash as well. Medieval Collectibles has many fully functional Japanese tantos that are authentic in detailing and construction.

Functional Wakizashis, Japanese Wakizashis, Samurai Wakizashi and Japanese Swords
Functional Wakizashis

The Japanese Wakizashi is the shorter of the two swords carried by the Japanese Samurai warrior. The blade of the Japanese Wakizashi is about eighteen inches, which is like the long sword but the fittings are often more elaborate. Medieval Collectibles has listed all the fully functional Japanese wakizashis that we carry from top manufacturers around the world. These Wakizashi manufacturers include Cold Steel, CAS Iberia and Hanwei. Our Japanese katanas are highly detailed and constructed of the finest steel giving them strength and durability.

Zatoichi Sword, Blind Fury Sword and Functional Zatoichi Swords
Functional Zatoichis

The Zatoichi sword, immortalized by the legendary blind swordsman, is a full-length straight katana, disguised as a simple walking stick. Medieval Collectibles carries four exciting versions of the Zatoichi sword made by CAS Hanwei. These Zatoichi swords have a fully tempered carbon blade that is housed in a natural hardwood scabbard and handle combination.

Oriental Swords, Knives, and Pole Weapons, Functional Oriental Weapons, and Non-Traditional Oriental Swords
Oriental Swords, Knives, and Pole Weapons

Discover a wealth of non-traditional Oriental weapons here at Medieval Collectibles in our Oriental Swords, Knives, and Pole Weapons. These functional Japanese and Chinese swords, pole arms, throwing knives, and other tools make excellent additions to a weapons collection. Weapons enthusiasts can enjoy browsing through our selection of O Dachi swords, shuriken, kama, naginata, Chinese broadswords, sai, yari, dadao, and more to find the perfect piece.