Comic Book Jewelry

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we provide a fantastic assortment of comic book accessories to help you feel like a superhero, including a number of types of comic book-themed jewelry. Many of our pieces features the superhero logo or costume design of popular DC Comics and Marvel heroes and villains, such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Deadpool, Captain America, Superman, Harley Quinn, Spiderman, and more. Our selection ranges from costume jewelry like the Wonder Woman tiara to a mix of superhero dog tags to earring sets and everything in between. These items make great collectibles and costume accents for comic book enthusiasts of all ages. Now you can bring a bit of your favorite characters with you in your look every day of the week with these superhero accessories!
Comic Book Bracelets, Superhero Cuffs, and Supervillain Bangles
Comic Book Bracelets

Accessorize your daily apparel with comic book bracelets to showcase your favorite superhero or villain. Medieval Collectibles has a growing selection of attractive comic book bracelets in a variety of styles, to wear as part of a costume or everyday wear. With styles inspired by fan favorites including Deadpool, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman, Medieval Collectibles can help you dress for a comic book convention or casual lunch.

Comic Book Earrings, Superhero Earrings, and Supervillain Earrings
Comic Book Earrings

Add some superhero panache to your outfit with any of the comic book earrings available here at Medieval Collectibles. This growing selection of pop culture earrings includes styles inspired by your favorites heroes and villains from Marvel and DC Universe comic books, television, and movies. From Captain America to Wonder Woman, Medieval Collectibles can help you find the perfect jewelry to accent your casual or cosplay outfit.

Comic Book Hair Accessories, Superhero Tiaras, and Supervillain Bows
Comic Book Hair Accessories

When dressing for a comic book convention or to augment your daily wear, check our increasing selection of hair accessories found here at Medieval Collectibles. Inspired by your favorite superheroes and villains from Marvel and DC comics, television, and cinema, these accessories provide the crowning touch to any outfit. Try on the golden tiara worn by Wonder Woman in classic comic books, identifying her as a princess of Paradise Island.

Comic Book Necklaces, Superhero Chokers, and Supervillain Pendants
Comic Book Necklaces and Pendants

Start your day with a dose of superhero spirit when you wear one of the comic book necklaces from Medieval Collectibles. Showcasing your favorite characters from Marvel and DC Universe comics, these stylish chokers, pendants, and dog tag necklaces are fun to wear as part of your everyday outfit or at a costume convention. These comic book necklaces and pendants also make fantastic gifts for the superhero enthusiasts in your life!

Comic Book Lapel Pins, Superhero Tie Pins, and Supervillain Buttons
Comic Book Pins and Buttons

Featuring numerous styles and characters from comic books, movies, and television, Medieval Collectibles has an increasing variety of lapel pins and buttons to add a superhero zip to your outfit. Go bold with a full color button of your favorite character, or add a subtle shine with one of our pewter lapel pins. Excellent accessories for daily wear, these comic book buttons and pins also look smashing on a backpack, lanyard, or purse.