Sword Accessories

Medieval Collectibles has a full line sword accessories that consist of sword hangers, sword display stands, sword plaques and sword care products. We have three styles of sword hanger that consist of regular sword hangers, Denix sword hangers and Oriental style sword hangers. Sword hangers are the minimum amount of hardware to hang a sword on the wall. We have three styles of display stands that hold your sword on a rack, on a table, dresser or even on the floor. We have regular sword display stands, Denix sword stand and Oriental style sword stands. Whether you're looking for a simple traditional style sword plaque or something unique with a fantasy flair, you will find the perfect sword plaque to display your prized sword. Finally we have sword care products or maintenance products. Sword care products consists of kits, waxes, oils and polishes to keep your sword in great condition and that will make it last for years to come.
Denix Sword Hangers, Wall Mount Sword Hangers and Sword Display Hangers
Denix Sword Hangers

These unique sword hangers made by Denix that feature great Medieval designs with Knights, Fleur de Lis symbols and Heraldic Crests. These Denix sword hangers are sold as a pair and are meant to hang the sword by the hilt. Denix sword hangers are great for using with understated swords and just when you want to give your display a little extra something.

Leather Scabbards, Sword Scabbards and Leather Sheaths
Leather Scabbards

We have pre-made leather scabbards for swords, so that your weapons can stay safe when not in use. All of our leather scabbards are made of top quality grain leather and are either riveted or sewn together. If your sword did not come with a leather scabbard, well you are in luck because we have a variety of them at Medieval Collectibles.

Oriental Sword Stands, Sword Display Stands, Table Display Stands and Oriental Floor Stands
Oriental Style Sword Stands

Now you can display all of your Oriental swords together and throughout your home with these sword stands. Medieval Collectibles has wall display stands, table display stands, wall racks and floor display stands. These oriental sword stands are made of wood and have either a black lacquer finish or a wooden finish. Our oriental sword stands are made of sturdy construction, so you can rest assure that your swords will not fall on the floor.

Shield Sword Hangers, Shield Wall Displays and Shield Hangers
Shield Sword Hangers

For those of you who like to display your swords with a shield, we offer shield sword hangers. These round shield sword hangers feature Medieval designs in the center and will hang up to three of your swords behind it. Our shield sword hangers are crafted in burnished steel and made in Spain. Sword shield hangers have a wall mount on the back and will give you the dramatic display you are after. Display your medieval sword collection with one of these fantastic full sized decorative shield sword hangers.

Sword Display Stands, Wall Display Stands, Table Display Stands and Floor Sword Stands
Sword Display Stands

Medieval Collectibles has display stands that can display from one sword up to thirteen swords. We have table stands, floor stands, wall stands and wall racks to display your sword collection. Our sword stands will turn your sword collection clutter to an exquisite focal point in the room. We have sunburst sword stands for multiple swords to be displayed together and single sword stands.

Sword Hangers, Wall Mount Sword Hangers and Universal Sword Hangers
Sword Hangers

These simple, yet classically designed sword hangers will hang your sword horizontally or vertically on the wall of your home or office. Medieval Collectibles has sword hangers that are universal for any sword width or length. Sword hangers are an attractive means of wall-mounting a sword, while the mountings hold the sword securely, they allow the sword to be removed and replaced easily.

Sword Maintenance Kits, Sword Wax, Sword Polish, Sword Care Kit and Sword Oil
Sword Maintenance

Medieval Collectibles has all your sword care and maintenance products for your medieval sword or collection. These maintenance and care products include sword maintenance kits, sword wax, sword oil, sword polish and rustblocker. Maintaining and caring for your sword is essential to keep your sword from rusting and deteriorating. Medieval Collectibles wants your sword to last a life time because it is an investment.

Sword Plaques, Sword Holders, Wooden Sword Plaques and Universal Sword Plaques
Sword Plaques

Looking for something than the regular old and traditional sword stands and sword hangers? Medieval Collectibles carries medieval and fantasy styled sword plaques and sword holders. These sword plaques and sword holders are made of cast poly resin or wood. We carry griffin sword plaques, dragon sword plaques, eagle sword plaques and plain universal sword plaques.