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"I had a question about one of my purchases that I received in a very timely manner, seriously much faster than I thought. When I called they asked me a couple questions and for an email. I talked to three different ladies and all three were amazing at their customer service. Their names were Sierra, Kayla, and Rachael. They answered my questions and took care of situation in a hurry, and they made it an actual enjoyable conversation at that. So I would like to say thanks for the sweet gear, low price, and insanely good customer service. This site rocks and I will make sure to get any further gear from here. "
- Timothy O
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Japanese Tsubas

The tsuba is the guard of a Japanese sword and was the earliest fitting used with the sword and is the only one that is essential. The tsuba is a plate of metal through which the tang of the sword passes. Most Japanese tsubas are elliptical, but there are cases were they are rectanglar with slightly curved sides and rounded corners. For the Japanese tsuba collector or the enthusiast wishing to create a custom sword or the sword owner wishing to customize an existing sword, Medieval Collectibles carries a full line of Japanese katana tsubas replicating renowned pieces from museum collections. Each Japanese tsuba is authentically crafted in iron with gold detailing and has an antique finish that makes it difficult to differentiate from museum conserved originals. Some minor fitting work may be necessary to adapt these tsubas to individual katana tangs but this can be easily accomplished. We have shown the individual weights for sword balancing purposes. Each Japanese tsuba is supplied in a fitted wooden case that is in itself an attractive means of display.

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