Viking Axes, Viking Clothing, Daggers, Spears, Viking Shields, Viking Helms and Viking Swords by Medieval Collectibles Viking Axes, Viking Clothing, Daggers, Spears, Viking Shields, Viking Helms and Viking Swords by Medieval Collectibles

The Vikings were Norse or Scandinavain people that were famous for being pirates, explorers, and merchants who raided and colonized areas in Europe. Norsemen used their longships or Viking ships to travel as far east as Constantinople to as far west as Iceland. This period of Viking exploration is known as the Viking Age. By the end of the Viking age the word viking refers to pirates and robbers operating by sea. Viking weapons and armour indicated a Norsemans social status. A wealthy Viking would own a Viking helmet, Viking shield, chainmail shirt and a coat made from animal skin or reindeer hides. A poorer Viking would only own a single weapons and a shield. The Viking shield and spear were the basic armaments of a Viking warrior. Vikings would have a knife known as a seax, and might carry a bow or a Viking axe. Medieval Collectibles has the typical Viking armament such as the Viking helms, shields, daggers, axes, spears and jewelry. All our Viking weapons and armour are historically accurate and fully functional.
Viking Axes, Danish Axes, Viking Throwing Axes and Mammen Axes
Axes of the Vikings were also called the Danish Axe, that were an early type of polearm. Viking Axes are made light enough to withstand throwing with there forged heads and hardened edges. The Viking axe also were used on farms and cutting timber for their Viking ships. Medieval Collectibles has many types of Viking axes such as the Danish axe, Viking throwing axe, Mammen axe, bearded axe and the Francisca axe. All our Viking axes are authentic to the Viking Age and fully functional for reenactments.
Viking Clothing, Viking Tunics, Viking Boots and Viking Belts
Viking used more wool than anything else for making clothing. Viking men were a long woolen Viking tunic and long trousers, which were held up by a belt or sash. In cold weather, Vikings were cloaks or sleeved jerkin. For feet protection, they wore Viking boots that were made of leather. The Vikings made their own clothes from cloth woven from a loom by women and children in their own home. Most men wore long hair and beards as a protection from the cold weather.
Viking Coins
It might come as some surprise to find that the Vikings did indeed use coins; not everything could be traded for and not everything could be gotten from raiding other villages and cultures. We offer a number of Viking coins, which were primarily used by Vikings, Normans, and Saxons as currency during history. Each of these Viking coins are made from antique-plated pewter and based on an actual historical coin, such as the penny.
Viking Daggers, Viking Seax, Scramaseax and Viking Knives
Vikings used daggers called a seax for for extreme situations and like close combat fighting. Other names given to the seax were hadseax, sax, seaxe, scramaseax and the scramsax. Vikings wearing a seax indicated a free man, since only free people had the right to bear arms. Viking wore their knife horizontal at the front of their belt. Medieval Collectibles carries many variations of viking daggers and they are full functional. Our Viking dagger are very affordable as well as very authentic to the Viking Age.
Viking Gifts
Medieval Collectibles offers Viking gifts are a series of wonderful items, both big and small, that serve perfectly in not only showing others that you care, but also in giving them a wonderful piece of history to view and use on a near-daily basis. Included among our number of Viking gifts are various little trinkets that serve a variety of purposes; ranging in size, these Viking gifts can be as small as key rings and pencil topers to as large as model boats and beyond.
Viking Helmets, Norse Helmets, Viking Horned Helmets and Gjermundbu Helmets
Viking helmets were made of iron during the Viking Age. The helm was in the shape of a rounded or peaked cap made from four plate and a simple noseguard. Some Viking helms could have had a mail aventail. Other names for the Viking helmet are Norse helms, Gjermundbu helm, Spangenhelm, Viking horned helmet and the Coppergate helmet. We carry many authentic and fully functional Viking helmets. Viking helmets will complete your armour set of those Viking re-enactments or parties.
Viking Jewelry
Far from being composed completely of historical replicas of jewelry once worn by the Vikings, our Viking jewelry here at Medieval Collectibles is a combination of authentic historical pieces and modernized patterns that still depict symbols and images that are authentic to Viking lore and culture. Within this category you'll find all manner of Viking jewelry; some pieces are stylized items from Viking history, given a slightly modern touch while still retaining a sense of Viking lore.
Viking Shields, Norman Shields and Functional Viking Shields
The use of Viking shields went far beyond a mere means to parry blows from an opponent. The Viking shield was typically round, being a successor to earlier Germanic shields with a diameter of around 80 to 90 cm or more. The Viking shield was made of planks of woods such as fir, pine, willow or linden. It usually contained a hole at the center that supported a hand grip at that point, covered by a metal boss.
Viking Spears, Viking Throwing Spears, War Spears and Viking Thrusting Spears
The most common and important weapon to a Viking warrior was the spear. Viking spears have metal heads usually on wooden shafts of 6 to 10 feet long. Some of the Viking spear heads had wings called krokspjot or barbed spear. Viking warrior used the spears for both throwing and thrusting with one hand. We carry the Viking thrusting spear, Viking throwing spear, short bladed spear and the long war spear in our collection of Viking spears.
Viking Statues
If you happen to be in the market for a Viking statue, then Medieval Collectibles is the place to look. Offering a wide array of designs, our Viking statues depict some of the most popular figures in Viking culture. Some of our Viking statues depict famous scenes from Viking mythology, including titanic struggles between heroic figures and monstrous beasts, while others are simple depictions and busts of the Norse gods and their divine servants.
Viking Swords, Norman Swords and Godfred Swords
Vikings owning a sword was a matter of high prestige and wealth. The Viking sword was a single handed weapon that was in conjunction with a Viking shield. Viking were able to swing faster and have harder strokes, while at the same time, allowing the Viking sword to bend and not break. Medieval Collectibles is proud to carry functional Viking swords from the Viking Age. We have the popular Norman sword, Godfred sword, Trondheim Viking sword and the practical Viking sword.

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