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1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt
Item #: AH-6725
This Roman belt is something of an elaborate affair, featuring several unique touches that make it an impressive accent, to be sure. The 1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt serves well as an addition to any military based Roman costume or look.
Price: $216.00
Casual Roman Tunic
Item #: AH-6016
Save the toga, nothing is quite as iconic for the Roman to wear as the bright red tunic. This Casual Roman Tunic creates the draped design of this classic Roman wear, while also opening the Roman style up to a number of other colors.
Price: $69.00
Centurion Belt
Item #: AH-3847
This Centurion Belt is titled as such not because it possesses details worthy of a ranked officer, but because it is modeled after the belt worn by one such centurion, named Facilis, who served in the XX legion during the first century.
Price: $178.00
Coptic Roman Tunic
Item #: AH-PA2076
Even across the sea in Roman-ruled Egypt, the fashion trends were quite similar. Romans in Alexandria and most of Egypt favored a garment like this Coptic Roman Tunic, as much for its style as for the comfort it afforded in the region.
Price: $55.00
Decorative Brass Roman Belt with Apron
Item #: AH-3868N
This Decorative Brass Roman Belt with Apron is modeled after the Roman cingulum, allowing re-enactors and Roman enthusiasts to create a look and style that is impressively authentic, as well as incredibly detailed, from head to toe.
Price: $243.00
Gladiator Belt
Item #: 200972
This wide kidney belt offers great protection in the coliseum. Made of an aged dyed leather, the belt has three adjustable straps with antiqued brass buckles for a secure fit. This is a classic style Gladiator belt.
Price: $85.00
Gladiator Tunic
Item #: 100966
The basic blue tunic of a slave, who fights for freedom and entertainment in the arenas of Rome. This simple rough weaved Gladiator tunic has unfinished edges, giving it a worn, peasant-like appearance.
Price: $59.00
Late Roman Copt Tunic
Item #: AH-PA2075
The toga might have been the symbolic garment of the Roman citizen, but no piece of clothing was quite as prolific as the tunic. This Late Roman Copt Tunic is based on a style that was popular in the southern bounds of the Empire.
Price: $69.00
Legionary Cingulum Belt
Item #: AH-6796
In the Legion, it is important to set yourself apart from the rank and file of troops. Stand out by adding this Legionary Cingulum Belt, an accessory to your full set of armor that offers both functionality and classic Roman flair.
Price: $225.00
Praetorian Leather Battle Skirt
Item #: RT-203
To a ranking Roman soldier, a war skirt was a stylish addition to their armor and an extra piece of protection to keep him safe in battle. This Praetorian Leather Battle Skirt offers to you a similar accent with ancient style.
Price: $195.00
RGZM Legionary Belt
Item #: AH-6701
This belt is the perfect accent to an assortment of Roman military looks, complementing the armor of decorated officers and generals alike! The RGZM Legionary Belt is an impressive decorative belt complete with an ornately plated apron.
Price: $267.00
Roman Belt
Item #: AH-3869
This Roman Belt is an impressive and striking accessory that features impressive brass adornments across its surface. You could also call this belt a balteus or a cingulum, which are Latin words that respectively mean belt and girdle.
Price: $248.00
Roman Belt
Item #: 200646
Our Roman style belt is made from thick, light brown leather. Decorative plates are riveted most of the way around with two hanging rings. This belt will look good with a large range of our swords.
Price: $48.00
Roman Brass Decorative Belt with Apron
Item #: AH-3868
This Roman Brass Decorative Belt With Apron is modeled after the Roman cingulum, allowing re-enactors and Roman enthusiasts to create a look and style that is impressively authentic, as well as incredibly detailed, from head to toe.
Price: $216.00
Roman Caligae
Item #: AH-3872
Contrary to popular belief, Roman soldiers did not wear sandals as a part of their uniform. Their footwear, the Roman Caligae, were more like shoes that featured an open shape, which was designed to be comfortable and functional.
Price: $108.00
Roman Caligae Sandals
Item #: GB0905
Footwear has been important all throughout history, and one of the most iconic shoes of the Roman Empire have been recreated here in the Roman Caligae Sandals. These military boots were worn by many different ranks of soldiers.
Price: $92.00
On Sale For: $85.00
Roman Cingulum Belt
Item #: AH-6702
It should come as no surprise that Roman soldiers had a need to wear a belt. After all, it was necessary to carry their gladius. A belt, though, could also be a symbol of status, as is the case with this Roman Cingulum Belt.
Price: $178.00
Roman Commander Belt
Item #: 888018
The Roman Commander Belt is made from harness grade leather and custom hand formed metal plates. This superb belt could only belong to a Roman Officer and hero, making it perfect for Centurions and Praetorians.
Price: $42.50
Roman Empress Boots
Item #: FW2051
The Roman Empress Boots are a great accessory for your Roman ensemble. They can be worn with Gothic or Modern wear, as well! The comfortable and stylish boots are made of soft microfiber and feature a 4.5-inch heel.
Price: $71.95
Roman Leather Baldric
Item #: 200368
The baldric is the leather strap that goes across your chest and lets your sword hang at your hip. This Roman Leather Baldric is styled after the ones from ancient Rome and is a perfect accent to any legionnaire or Centurion look.
Price: $40.00
Roman Mainz Belt
Item #: AH-6798
The style of Roman warriors is iconic, and few pieces of that style stand out like the cingulum belt. Based upon the design of cingulum belts from the first century, the Roman Mainz Belt is an authentic addition to your armor.
Price: $248.00
Roman Military Belt
Item #: AH-6760
Given their need to wear a sword (and oftentimes a dagger, too), it should come as no surprise that Roman legionaries often wore belts as a part of their attire. This Roman Military Belt is an example of one they would have favored.
Price: $178.00
Roman Sandals
Item #: FW2005
When you think of Roman footwear, the sandal is often what comes to mind. This Roman Sandal is perfect for completing an iconic and traditional Roman look, whether you are aiming for casual citizen or battle-hardened gladiator.
Price: $39.95
On Sale For: $35.00
Roman Servant Sandals
Item #: FW2060
The Roman Servant Sandals would make a great accessory for a Greek or Roman costume. The strappy sandals feature three brass studs, one stud on each strap up the front of the calf. These sandals are available in black and brown.
Price: $40.95
On Sale For: $35.00
Roman Soldiers Belt
Item #: 200468
Primarily ornamental, this Roman soldiers belt, called a Cinculum Militaire, was comprised of a studded leather belt with varying numbers of hanging leather strips and sometimes metal rings.
Price: $65.00
Roman Tekije Belt
Item #: AH-6726
Based on a find from an archaeological dig in Serbia, the Roman Tekije Belt is a remarkable piece that will add a unique touch to your historical ensemble. The design of the belt is thousands of years old, dated to first century AD.
Price: $232.00
Roman Tekije Belt with Apron
Item #: AH-6727
Few pieces of the Roman warrior look are more iconic than the apron belt, with its stunning adornments and beautiful leather. The Roman Tekije Belt with Apron is a unique take on this belt, based on a find from first century Serbia.
Price: $293.00
Roman Tunic
Item #: 100042
Worn under armor or by itself, the simple lines of this tunic are classic and lend themselves to many combinations of clothing from later periods of history. This versatility makes it a great addition to any wardrobe.
Price: $65.00
Roman Tunic
Item #: MCI-2348
The sleeves on the Roman Tunic are the real eye catcher, with a gold and black jacquard trim and the fabric slightly gathered into the hem. The Roman Tunic is made of a light to medium weight cotton that is woven to look like linen.
Price: $53.00
On Sale For: $47.70
Roman War-God Sandals
Item #: FW1048
Few warriors go into battle barefoot, and not even a lord of war would march onto the field of combat without some kind of footwear. Recreating the look of old Roman style, these Roman War-God Sandals are fantastic fit for any warrior!
Price: $70.00
Roman Warrior Sandals
Item #: FW2012
These Roman Warrior Sandals are a must for any ancient warrior. They are knee high and have a solid back with a strapped front. There are decorative accents all the way up the front of the leg. They are made from synthetic leather.
Price: $65.95
She Wolf Cingulum Roman Belt
Item #: AH-6797
The She Wolf Cingulum Roman Belt is a heavily and beautifully adorned accessory for a Roman soldier, featuring wild beasts on its golden accents. Add this belt to your Roman warrior outfit to add a touch of authentic appeal.
Price: $203.00
Silver Greek Royal Belt
Item #: AH-6072A
The Silver Greek Royal Belt is a fantastic example of a Greek and Roman tasset that many warriors would have favored. Indeed, this tasset is similar in design to the one that comes included with our classic looking Royal Muscle Cuirass!
Price: $107.00
Spartacus Belt
Item #: 884511
This all leather Spartacus Belt from the hit STARZ series Spartacus has iron rings and metal accents. The Spartacus Belt has adjustable rear belts, fits approximately 36 - 45 Inch waist, and is 9 Inches high at tallest point.
Price: $112.00
Spartan Sandals
Item #: FW2074
Some of the foremost warriors of the ancient world, Spartan warriors wore items that were less elegant and more practical and comfortable. The Spartan Sandals reflect that mentality with a simple look that hides rugged functionality.
Price: $57.95
Studded War Skirt
Item #: DK2042
Our War Skirts are made from top quality 7/8 oz. leather, making them very sturdy. These war skirts are available in black or brown with your choice of hardware, steel or brass. A great addition to any Roman or gladiator outfit.
Price: $115.00
White Gladiator Shorts
Item #: AH-6264
Perhaps as a way of spicing up the fight, gladiators did not often wear much. What little they wore was designed to offer slight protection, and nothing else. Thus, many gladiators wore as little as these White Gladiator Shorts.
Price: $26.00
Women's Tall Gladiator Sandals
Item #: FW2055
The Womens Tall Gladiator Sandals make the perfect accessory to a Greek or Roman costume! The sandals feature brass studs and adjustable buckle straps. The skinny heel measures 4.5 inches tall, and they are available in brown or tan.
Price: $65.95