Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Clothing and Musketeer Rapiers by Medieval Collectibles Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Clothing and Musketeer Rapiers by Medieval Collectibles


Musketeers were a special corps of swordsmen under the King Louis XVIII. The Musketeers were established to protect the crown and his wife Queen Anne. Musketeers have a famous cry "All for one and one for all", before the attack their enemies. The Musketeers were masters of sword fighting and lived by a strict code of honor and ethics. King Louis XVIII and his Musketeers inspired a novel by Alexandre Dumas called "The Three Musketeers". The Three Musketeers tells the adventures of a man called D'Artagnan leaving home to become a Musketeer. The real three musketeers were his friends Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Together they fought against the evil treasonous Cardinal Richelieu for justice, love, and friendship. The basic parts of a Musketeer outfit are the Cavalier hat with a plume, Musketeer shirt, Musketeer pants, boots, belt, Musketeer tabbard, and his trusty Musketeer sword or Musketeer rapier. Medieval Collectibles carries all your authentic Musketeer costume pieces with Musketeer swords, and Musketeer clothing.
Musketeer Clothing and Musketeer Costumes
Medieval Collectibles carries every piece of clothing for a Musketeer costume or outfit. We have the Musketeer tabbard which is a rich blue cotton velvet tabbard is fully lined with a matching satin. We also have the black Cavalier hat or Musketeer hat with plume and matching black leather Musketeer boots. Medieval Collectibles has white Musketeer shirts, black Musketeer pants and black leather gloves to protect your hands and wrists during the Musketeer staged sword fight.
Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Rapiers and Functional Musketeer Swords
Musketeer rapiers and swords have a history behind it that tells the tale of the three musketeers. Musketeers trusty companion was the Musketeer sword. They were masters of swordplay and sword fighting to defend the king and queen. Many sword enthusiasts have the Musketeer sword as part of their medieval collection from the Middle Ages. Medieval Collectibles has Musketeer swords can be used for display or for battle re-enactments, each reproduction is created to the specifications from the originals.

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"Not only was Joseph willing to help look for something appropriate for this project, when asked, he actually went and got each piece we were looking at so that he could measure them and give me the dimensions. I used up an extraordinary amount of his time. He was knowledgeable, patient and pleasant throughout all my questioning. If Joseph is the example of your staff, kudos to you! He was amazing! "

- Monica H

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