Pirate Clothing, Pirate Hats, Wigs, Pirate Swords, Pirate Pistols and Pirate Jewelry by Medieval Collectibles Pirate Clothing, Pirate Hats, Wigs, Pirate Swords, Pirate Pistols and Pirate Jewelry by Medieval Collectibles


Pirates committed robbery at sea by capturing ships or vessels, taking their loot and then sinking the ship. The name Jolly Roger is the traditional name and symbol for European and American pirates. Most pirates during the Middle Ages were the Vikings, warriors and looters from Scandinavia. They raided coastlines, rivers and inland cities of all Western Europe for food, water, alchohol, weapons and clothing. The Captain and quartermaster were elected by the crew of the pirate ship. Most of the time, Captains were elected because they were fierce fighters whom the crew could trust. Pirates shared in whatever the seized from the plundered ships. Medieval Collectibles carries all your plundering needs for re-enactments and costuming needs. We have pirate clothing that comes individual pieces or complete pirate costumes. We have pirate swords, cutlasses and pirate pistols to give you the functional pirate look. Medieval Collectibles even has pirate hats, tricorns and wigs to complete your pirate outfit.
Model Pirate Ships
If you're looking to acquire a pirate ship, than Medieval Collectibles is looking to facilitate that acquisition just so long as it's a model pirate ship. We carry a wide array of awesome model pirate ships that not only make for great decoration but also serve perfectly as touching gifts for the sea-ship savvy or the privileged pirate. These model pirate ships come in a wide variety of sizes, from conveniently small to fantastically detailed and large.
Nautical decor
Of course, any pirate will want to decorate his personal space so that it looks as "pirate-y" as possible, and that typically includes filling it with several nautical decor items that serve not only to make the room more fit for a sailor, but also add a touch of seamanship to any personal space. And for all your nautical decorating needs, look no further then Medieval Collectibles; we offer a broad array of items that are bound to catch your interest.
Pirate clothing, Pirate Shirts, Pirate Pants, Pirate Boots and Pirate Coats
Medieval Collectibles has a variety of Pirate clothing for all ages. Pirate clothing includes pirate shirts, pirate pants, coats, pirate boots to complete pirate outfits. Our pirate shirts include both female and male shirts. We have buccaneer shirts and pirate blouses from all the well known pirates. Medieval Collectibles carries pirate jackets, long vests, velvet coats, Captains coats and buccaneer coats. All our pirate belts are authentic to the period and made of top grain leather.
Pirate Coins
Pirates are, perhaps, one of the most well-known professions that find themselves in possession of a great many coins; one might even consider pirates collectors of coins with a collection that was frequently subject to change. And of course, Medieval Collectibles is here to offer a number of fantastic pirate coins for the modern-day pirate who finds himself, or herself, decidedly lacking a good amount of pirate coins.
Pirate Daggers
We offers a wide variety of pirate daggers for just such an occasion, ensuring that no matter what, no pirate has to go without his trusty dagger or that no pirate enthusiast or collector has to go long without adding a wonderful pirate dagger to his collection. This category includes daggers and knives fit for any pirate or pirate captain. Some are historically accurate, and some are fantastical representations of pirate daggers, ensuring that no matter the taste of the seeker, there is a pirate dagger to fit their tastes.
Pirate Flags, Jolly Roger Flags, and Buccaneer Flags
Take no quarter when choosing your home decor. Instead, check out the excellent pirate flags that we carry here at Medieval Collectibles! Our buccaneer flags come in many historical pirate ship flag designs, including those of Calico Jack and Henry Avery. Of course, a swashbuckler flag collection would not be complete without Jolly Roger flags. Fans of pirate style will be sure to enjoy hanging these skull and crossbones flags around their homes.
Pirate Gifts
If you've got pirate friends, then you have a need for pirate gifts, and Medieval Collectibles is here to fulfill that need. Of course, buying for pirates is never an easy thing, so you can rest assured that when Medieval Collectibles offers you a wide assortment of pirate gifts, they are perfect for the pirate in your life who has, otherwise, been difficult to buy for. Thanks to our great variety of items, you'll never be for want when it comes to various forms of pirate memorabilia.
Pirate Signs, Pirate Tavern Signs, and Pirate Humor Signs
Gather round, me hearties, to see the best swashbuckler signs on land or sea! Medieval Collectibles carries many pirate signs featuring clever slogans, puns, and humorous sayings. Our vintage pirate signs include double-sided tavern signs as well as USA-made metal pirate signs. Several designs display the iconic Jolly Roger, ships, and other creatures from below the waves. All buccaneers can enjoy the wit and charm of these pieces of wall art!
Pirate Hats, Tricorn Hats, Pirate Wigs and Caribbean Pirate Wigs
A pirate could not be a real pirate without his hat. Medieval Collectibles has many types of pirate hats and pirate wigs for that pirate costume party. Pirate hats include the typical Tricorn hat, pirate headbands, and the Skull and Crossbones pirate hat. We have pirate wigs such as the dread locks and the Caribbean pirate wig. Come look around in our pirate hats and wigs and then let's go plunder some English ships for some treasure.
Pirate Pistols, Pirate Blunderbuss, Pirate Flintlocks and Pirate Guns
Every Pirate needs a pistol with his trusty pirate sword to shoot his enemy in the back. Medieval Collectibles carries authentic replica blunderbuss pistols in a variety of styles and finishes. These replica Pirate pistols function but the do not fire true bullets. Our Pirate pistols and blunderbusses are great to compliment your pirate costume to that Pirate party or Pirate Festival. These replica pistols are also great for stage re-enactments, plays and theatres.
Pirate Swords, Pirate Cutlass and Pirate Sabers
The pirate cutlass is a short thick sabre with a straight or slightly curved blade. The hilt of the pirate cutlass features a solid cupped or basket shaped guard. Pirates cutlasses were weapons that intimidated the enemy as well used for combat. Pirate also used their swords to beat prisoners with the flat of the blade ot force their compliance and responsiveness to interrogation. Medieval Collectibles carries both functional pirate swords and decorative pirate cutlasses. We are sure you will find the right pirate sword for your pirate outfit.
Pirate T-Shirts
Medieval Collectibles features a wide variety of wicked and cool pirate t-shirts, in order to accommodate a growing interest, perhaps even a public obsession, with the concept of pirates. Each of these pirate t-shirts is an awesome stand-alone t-shirt. Every one of our pirate t-shirts feature an incredible design: from skulls and jolly rogers to all manner of other pirate-styled images, each shirt is definitively "pirate" in appearance.
Pirate Jewelry, Pirate Rings and Pirate Pendants
We carry all your pirate jewelry treasure you could ever want. When you are sailing the high seas make sure you have the best accessories like our pirate pendants and pirate rings. Whether you are wearing them around everyday or to the Pirate Festivals, you are sure to get great compliments on these unique pieces of jewelry. Our pirate jewelry also makes a great gift idea for the Pirate Captain or wench in your life!
Pirate Statues
Do you dare sail the seas in search of pillage and plunder? Pirates have captured the imaginations of many in the modern age, and at Medieval Collectibles, we are here to help you capture some pirate style in your decor and your life! Offering a variety of intriguing pirate statues, we allow you to show off the scallywags and swashbucklers from the Golden Age of Piracy in your own home, so that you can live a pirates life whenever you please.
Oak Barrels  Aging Spirits
Pirates are well-known for their love of rum, and alcohol in general, and for the modern pirate, nothing is greater than drinking your own home-made alcohol or spirits! Featured at Medieval Collectibles are oak barrels and aging spirits, which are perfect for the home-grown pirate to personally make his own rum, whiskey, or spirit of his or her choice. Here you'll find everything you need, be you a pirate or just an intrepid spirit-seeker, to create your own aged spirits.

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