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Tudor Clothing

If you are looking for a line of English-inspired clothing that is fit for royalty, then you are indeed in-luck, because Medieval Collectible's line of Tudor clothing fulfills that need perfectly. Virtually each piece of Tudor clothing is styled to look historically accurate; the garments are made to look like 15th century royal attire. And given that no king is complete without a good queen, the Tudor clothing line offers attire for men and women. Even more appealing, many pieces of Tudor clothing are inspired by Showtime's television series, "The Tudors". Each piece of Tudor clothing is wonderfully styled to ensure a level of historical accuracy while maintaining comfort and ease of wear; in these garments, it is easy for any man or woman to achieve a look that is simultaneously casual and noble. From noble dresses to stylish capes, all the way down into doublets, shirts, and courtly pants: the Tudor clothing features all the garments necessary to make a man into a noble or a woman into a queen.
King Henry Cross Shirt
A generous period shirt with an embroidered cross pattern on the collar. It features a hook and eye closure on collar. It was inspired by the Showtime Original Series, The Tudors, which followed the life of Henry VIII.
Price: $64.00
King Henry Royal Doublet
From the award winning Showtime series The Tudors, we bring you the King Henry Royal Doublet. This King Henry Royal Doublet is made of faux leather and cotton velvet that come together to make this rich doublet truly fit for a king.
Price: $130.00
King Henry Courtly Pants
These are period black knee britches with a royal satin like finish. They sport a button-up front and lace-up back with laced calves. Made from rayon, they were inspired by the Showtime Original Series - The Tudors.
Price: $79.00
Robe du Soir Gown
The Robe du Soir Gown is a vibrant and beautiful pair of garments modeled after an early 16th century Flemish gown. Including an inner and outer gown, these dresses look great on their own or paired with a classic white chemise.
Price: $266.00
German Gown #1
This c. 1525 gown is made of an outer gown of cotton velveteen lined in satin and an inset of cotton velveteen. The inset is worn over the Classic Chemise. The inset provides a lift for your bosom and holds in your tummy.
Price: $308.00
Watch any group of women drop what they are doing as a man in hosen walks by. Yes, women love a man in a pair of hosen! Our hosen are made of 92 percent cotton, 8 percent Lycra. The cotton breathes while the Lycra clings to your shape.
Price: $47.00
Avon Jupon Gown
The Avon Jupon is from the early 1500s Flanders, which was considered part of northern France. Lacing on each side of the bodice makes it possible to feast and still fit this dress. Laces from the wrist to elbow provide a snug fit.
Price: $223.00
Ruffle Collar Shirt
From the award winning Showtime series The Tudors comes this lovely shirt. This white period shirt offers the highest Tudor collar and cuffs of any of our shirts. Our Ruffle Collar Shirt is made of 100% cotton.
Price: $49.00
Venetian Gown
This beautiful Venetian Gown recreates a design that was depicted in an Italian painting of two ladies of the Torella family on their palace terrace. With the elegant appeal of this gown, it is easy to see why noble ladies favor it.
Price: $152.00
Noble's Twill Doublet
For the look of a nobleman and the comfort of an everyday man, turn to the Nobles Twill Doublet. This classic doublet combines the look of nobility and peasantry, making it an all-purpose piece that looks great with a variety of styles.
Price: $99.00
King Henry Brocade Pants
A perfect complement to our Black Velvet Doublet, these black-on-black brocade paned pants have open slashes and a button-up front. They create a very noble look. They are offered in small/medium or large/x-large.
Price: $99.00
Toledo Gown
Named not for the region it hails from but for the woman who made it famous, the Toledo Gown is a reproduction of the elegant gown worn by Eleanor di Toledo, the Duchess of Florence from 1539 to 1562, when she was laid to rest.
Price: $445.00
Velveteen Noble's Doublet
The comfort of the everyday man meets the style of nobility in the Velveteen Nobles Doublet. This doublet is the prime example of a garment that would have been favored by men of all stations, noble and common alike.
Price: $99.00
Black Noble's Cloak
Naturally, nobles of the medieval and Renaissance eras prided themselves on having the best things that money could buy. Among those things were assuredly clothing, including a rich and comfortable garment like the Black Nobles Cloak.
Price: $171.00
High Collared Elizabethan Blouse
This high collared period blouse is manufactured in soft, white cotton. The open triangular front gives just a hint of seductiveness, while maintaining an air of modesty. It also has a lace trimmed cuffs with brass buttons.
Price: $49.00
Italian Doublet
This doublet is from paintings by Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew and The Cardsharps. The trim makes your shoulders look broad and narrows your waist, and the slashed sleeves provide plenty of cavalier style!
Price: $166.00
Twill Corset
Our top-of-the-line Twill Corset is a reproduction of a garment from the early Elizabethan era. In place of reeds, we used spring steel boning. The canvas fabric and superb sewing techniques do not let the boning poke through the fabric.
Price: $152.00
Silk Chemise
Our Silk Chemise features delicate ruffles on the drawstring neckline. Full bell sleeves help to make an elegant, comfortable chemise. This chemise looks stunning when worn under any of our dresses, gowns, or bodices.
Price: $85.00
Noble's Velveteen Robe
Perfect for a lover and fighter both, the Nobles Velveteen Robe is the ideal mix of bold derring-do and refined tastes. In essence, this garment is styled for a noble traveler or swordsman who prefers extravagance to simplicity.
Price: $137.00
Venetian Breeches
Our circa 1583 Venetian Breeches are reproductions of a pair that survives to this day in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg. Made of cotton velveteen and lined in cotton, they are machine washable and tumble dry.
Price: $71.00

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