Gypsy Clothing and Gypsy Belts by Medieval Collectibles Gypsy Clothing and Gypsy Belts by Medieval Collectibles

Our Gypsy clothing and accessories are a great series of items that not only give a sense of the freedom that is typically attributed to the gypsy way of life, but also conveys the elegance and style that these groupings of people are accredited with having worn. Featured here is a wide variety of costumes and pieces of clothing, all of which deserving of the descriptor of "gypsy"; each style represented here is a unique take on "gypsy", one that has been represented in history by one of several groups that have, at one time or another, born the title of gypsy. Many of the costumes within are colorful and bright pieces of attire that are suitable for dancing or other showy activities; indeed, many of these gypsy pieces excel as dancing costumes. And thanks to the broad variety of styles that can be referred to as "gypsy", there are almost no two gypsies who look alike. And of course, all manner of jingling and joyful accessories can be acquired within the gypsy category as well, in order to add that finishing touch to any costume or attire.
Medieval Gathered Skirt
Our Medieval Gathered Skirts are made of soft cotton that mimics the weave of linen without the expense. Lacing in the back of the waistband allows you to adjust the fit. This is a perfect wench, medieval or Renaissance skirt.
Price: $47.00
Simple Harem Pants
When you are looking for a simple pair of pants that will complement a wide assortment of styles, look no further than the Simple Harem Pants. If you are a pirate, a warrior, or a nobleman, these pants will look great.
Price: $33.00
Schederazade Silver Jingle Belt
This exquisite hand-made hip belt adds a mystical, charming sound to your walk. It measures 42 inches long and is very adjustable. It is perfect to complete the look of the Scheherazade Ensemble (#101085) or any other exotic outfit.
Price: $45.00

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"Delivered on time and exactly how it looks in the picture. Could not be more pleased. Belt was of great quality too."

- Adam W

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