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Pirate Statues

Do you dare sail the seas in search of pillage and plunder? Pirates have captured the imaginations of many in the modern age, and at Medieval Collectibles, we are here to help you capture some pirate style in your decor and your life! Offering a variety of intriguing pirate statues, we allow you to show off the scallywags and swashbucklers from the Golden Age of Piracy in your own home, so that you can live a pirates life whenever you please. Like the ranks of a pirate crew, this section is slowly growing as we fill it with more statues of pirates, ranging from typical pirates found crewing a ship to more famous pirates depicted in figurine form. Here, you may just find statues of "Calico" Jack Rackham, Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, Sir Francis Drake, Mary Read, and Anne Bonney. This section is also home to a variety of other accents, including skeletal pirates, pirate treasure chests, and even pirates with a fantasy twist. You might even find a pirate angel or a pirate fairy floating around this section! If you feel like you need a bit more pirate style in your daily life, you could not ask for a better way to get it then by decorating with some of the pirate statues and pirate figurines you will find here at Medieval Collectibles.
Pirate's Treasure Chest
The Pirates Treasure Chest is the perfect place to store your booty! This box is incredibly detailed all the way down to the wood grain! This box features a skull with swords through his eyes to guard the lock.
Price: $22.00
Pirate's Chest
The Pirates Chest would make a great place to store your secret treasures! This box features a giant octopus on the lid, and smaller octopi around it. A skull and chains guard the lock. This box is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $22.00
Pirate Angel with Dragon Statue
This angel is not your typical angel of mercy and forgiveness, but rather she is a pirate out for all the plunder she can take. The Pirate Angel with Dragon Statue features an angel dressed as a pirate with her blue dragon.
Price: $47.50
Pirate Ship Statue
The Pirate Ship Statue would make a great accent in your home. This is a miniature replica of a traditional pirate ship, right down to the skull and crossbones flags. This pirate ship is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $90.00
Davy Jones Sculpted Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean
It is Davy Jones Locker for ye! The Flying Dutchman is rising from the depths, with the legendary fiend of the deep at the wheel. Brought to life in Pirates of the Caribbean in one of the most spectacular leaps of creativity ever seen.
Price: $179.00
Jolly Roger Table Decoration
The Jolly Roger might be one of the most well-known pirate images. Before there were eye-patches and peg-legs, there was the Jolly Roger, something you too can now celebrate, thanks to the Jolly Roger Table Decoration.
Price: $36.00
See, Hear, and Speak No Evil Pirate Statues
The See, Hear, and Speak No Evil Pirate Statues would make a great conversation piece in your home or office. This Pirate set is made of hand painted cold cast resin and measures 5.5 inches tall. These statues would make a great gift.
Price: $24.00
Pirate's Jeweled Box
The Pirates Jeweled Box is the perfect place to store your small treasures! This box has rhinestones around the edges and a skull with chains guarding the lock. This jeweled box is made of resin and measures 2.5 inches long.
Price: $30.00
Jolly Roger Wall Decoration
If it is not a Jolly Roger, then it just is not pirate. Before peg-legs and hooks-for-hands, there was the Jolly Roger, one of the most well-known pirate symbols known today, now celebrated in the Jolly Roger Wall Decoration.
Price: $29.00
Pirate Lighting Cannon Statue
The Pirate Lighting Cannon Statue would look great in your home. It features a pirate on his ship, standing next to a cannon. There is a lighted stick in his hand, so he is ready to fire! This statue is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $24.00
Skeleton Pirate Captain Bust
The Skeleton Pirate Captain Bust would make a great gift for any friend or family member. This bust statue features a hook-handed pirate captain and his skeleton parrot. The captain is wearing an eye patch and is surrounded by coins!
Price: $18.00
Pirate's Jeweled Chest
The Pirates Jeweled Chest is a miniature version of the Pirates Treasure Chest! The lid has been bejeweled with rhinestones and the skull covers the lock. This miniature pirate chest measures 2.5 inches long and is made from resin.
Price: $30.00
Pirate With Pistol Statue
The Pirate With Pistol Statue features a brave pirate standing on the bow of his ship. The ship has docked on an island, and his pistol is pointed like he is aiming at you! This statue is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $24.00
See, Hear, and Speak No Evil Pirate Candleholder
The See, Hear, and Speak No Evil Pirate Candleholder would make a great conversation piece in your home. This candleholder features the See, Hear, and Speak no evil pirates standing with their backs facing a stone tower.
Price: $24.00
Bootleg Skeleton Statue
The Bootleg Skeleton Statue would make a great addition to your skeleton or pirate collection. This statue features a bootlegged skeletal pirate in all his gear. His skeletal parrot is sitting on his shoulder.
Price: $18.00
Pirate With Axe Statue
The Pirate With Axe Statue features a pirate standing on wooden planks. There are pirate bones at his feet, and a treasure chest behind him. He holds an axe in his hands above his head. This statue is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $24.00
Set Of Four Pirate Figures
Contained within this Set Of Four Pirate Figures are some of the most notorious scoundrels to ever sail the seven seas. These all-metal statuettes come in a clam shell package, which features historical information about each pirate.
Price: $15.00
Skeletal Pirate Wine Table
Pirates are notorious lovers of liquor, but they are even fonder of rum. This Skeletal Pirate Wine Table has a love of wine, though, and luckily, he is also quite the gentleman, holding the bottle and the glasses, too.
Price: $250.00
Pirate Figure
Pirate lovers rejoice, because now you can include one of these impressive Pirate Figures in your home. Each Pirate Figure is supplied on a full-color card with a pirate map on its front and images of the four figures on its back.
Price: $5.00
Female Pirate Statue
Show your love for beautiful statues and pirate fantasy with the Female Pirate Statue. Crafted from poly stone, the detailing on this statue extends not just to the pirate, but to everything including the cannon at her side.
Price: $53.00
Davy Jones Chest
A pirate knows where to hide his booty and now you can keep your valuables safe inside of the Davy Jones Chest. This jewelry box is modeled after a treasure chest and can be a fun accessory to any pirate themed collection.
Price: $24.00
Captain at the Helm Statue
With the wind in the sails and the sun above the Captain at the Helm Statue will inspire you to seek some adventure of your own. This lively figurine may be the fresh addition that your homes motif has been needing, so grab one today.
Price: $25.00
Anne Bonney Figurine
A true symbol of the freedom and danger found in the Caribbean, the Anne Bonney Figurine is not afraid to enter unknown territory. Introduce some inspirations of an ocean bound life into your home with this adventurous statue.
Price: $20.00
Calico Jack Figurine
The Calico Jack Figurine offers a unique representation of John Rackham who was an influential sailor. He shaped the worlds views of pirates and spent his days sailing the seas searching for glory, so grab this item while you can.
Price: $22.00
Captain Bill Barbossa Figurine
If you stumble across a treasure or hunt one down you should be ready to defend it from competition, the Captain Bill Barbossa Figurine depicts such a scene. This ship captain is not going to relinquish this booty to just any scoundrel.
Price: $20.00
Captain Kidd Figurine
Have no fear the Captain Kidd Figurine is not here to steal your booty, this decor item is here to enhance your homes look. This stunning statue can be a great way to appreciate the life of a pirate without sailing the seven seas.
Price: $20.00
Captain Jack Knockboots Figurine
You and your ship mates can celebrate a successful raid while embracing the pirate lifestyle with the Captain Jack Knockboots Figurine. This lively miniature depicts a salty dog enjoying a refreshment while standing near a cannon.
Price: $20.00
Skull and Roses Pirate Chest
Much like the pirates of old, you can store your valuables and personal treasures within this trinket box. The Skull and Roses Pirate Chest features a colorful design of skulls, wings, and roses on the top and front of the box.
Price: $20.00
Captain Isaac Blackbeard
Travel with a wooden leg is not an easy task and the Captain Isaac Blackbeard Figurine shows a pirate who is not afraid to take a seat. This original statue can be a wonderful way to liven up the decor within your home or office.
Price: $20.00
Pirate Chest Box
Every sailor knows that treasures are always stored in a safe location, now you can keep some riches close to you with the Pirate Chest Box. This box is overflowing with value and can be a fun accent to your homes current decor theme.
Price: $30.00
Pirate Captain Chest Box
A true captain never lets his booty sit unprotected and this Pirate Captain Chest Box captures the nature of that idea perfectly. This item can be a bold new accent to any room within your home or office, so grab one while you can.
Price: $25.00
Captain Jack Figurine
Capture the spirit and adventure of the open seas with the stylish Captain Jack Figurine, which is sure to be admired by all. Your home may be needing a fresh decoration like this statue which offers attitude and humor.
Price: $9.00
Pirate Skull Trinket Box
Hungry for treasure, the wicked skull on the front of this keepsake box appears atop a pair of crossbones and gold coins. The Pirate Skull Trinket Box features a striking print by celebrated artist Anne Stokes on the front.
Price: $10.00
Skull and Crossbones Pirate Chest
No two images are more iconic of pirate culture than treasure chests and skulls. Now, you can have the best of both worlds with the Skull and Crossbones Pirate Chest, ideal for storing your small valuable items with fun pirate style.
Price: $30.00
Bronze Pirate on a Barrel Statue
Worn out from pillaging enemy ships from dawn to dusk and searching for buried treasure all night, this buccaneer sure is ready for a break! Give your desk or shelf a fun and nautical look with this Bronze Pirate on a Barrel Statue.
Price: $66.00
Bronze Pirate on Guard Statue
In the business of pirating, you always have to be prepared to protect yourself, your crew, and most importantly, your treasure! This Bronze Pirate on Guard Statue shows a buccaneer who will do whatever it takes to defend his jewels.
Price: $66.00
Pirate Captain Skeleton Bobblehead
Every home needs a touch of pirate fun, and who better to implement into your decor than the sinister head honcho himself? The Pirate Captain Skeleton Bobblehead will add a unique look and a ton of head-bobbling action to your decor.
Price: $25.00
Steering Pirate Skeleton Bobblehead
As you sail your vessel across the seven seas, you need a head-bobbling companion to keep you company! This Steering Pirate Skeleton Bobblehead is just that companion, not to mention a great way to spice up your pirate collection.
Price: $25.00
Pirate Skeleton with Treasure Bobblehead
His peg leg and eye patch show that getting there was not easy, but as this grinning Pirate Skeleton with Treasure Bobblehead exhibits proudly, a tried and true pirate will stop at absolutely nothing to find his chest of buried riches!
Price: $25.00

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"I ordered the Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt - Red - X-Large and Barbarossa Female Pirate Blouse - Red - XX-Large from you on Monday and they arrived last night! Merchandise is perfect! I have ordered pirate "costumes" before for over a $100 that were one time use outfits and barely wearable. Both of these items are just what we need for our annual Pirate Luau! So glad I found you and I'll be ordering all our pirate stuff from you! Thank you for the superfast delivery!"

- Mary L

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