Highland Malt Whiskey Essence

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Make your own Highland Malt Whisky with the 20 ml bottle of Highland Malt Whisky Essence. Full flavored smoky "single malt" style whisky, made using pure Scottish spring water and peated barley since the 15th century.

Instructions: Pour the contents of the bottle into a 1 liter barrel. Fill with 25 fl. oz. (725 mL) of 40% alc./vol. grain alcohol or neutral vodka. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 26 fl. oz. (750 mL). Age spirits to your taste! Your barrel will have instructions included on aging.

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essences, oils and caramel color.

Key Features:
  • One 20 ml Bottle
  • Make your own Irish Whiskey
  • Use this Essence with any of our Oak Barrels
  • Alcohol not included, only Essence