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"I just bought a pair of swords to go with a costume event that would go with boots I ordered from you guys. Again the package was on my doorstep within 24 hours, which is mind blowing. I ordered the "dragon evolution" and "black flame combat " swords for price considerations and was stunned at what came out of the box. If these are examples of your cheap stuff, I know I positively would be close to drooling over the high end models. Thanks again and you are now my official "go to" shop for any kind of gear. "
- William F
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Roman Caesarean Sword

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Swords are a symbol of power and might, and so many rulers tend to favor carrying them, even if they did not use them. In the days of ancient Rome, though, some Caesars were as much warriors as rulers, which made a Roman Caesarean Sword perfect for them. After all, if you were a warrior once, why give up the status and honor that afforded you by laying down your sword when you began to rule? Better, instead, to keep it all, and wear your sword with pride. This impressive Roman-style gladius carries the name of Caesar, and possesses an ornate, yet effective look worthy of any ruler. The straight-edged steel blade echoes the size and shape of a gladius, with a sharp point and a squared guard. The hilt is made from wood, featuring a dark guard and a matching square pommel, with a lighter, white-hued grip with spiral patterning. Included with the sword is an ornate scabbard that features carrying rings mounted at the throat (so that the sword can be worn in classic, vertical Roman fashion). For those who want to own the sword of a Caesar, there is no finer time than now, and this Roman Caesarean Sword puts an elegant yet effective looking blade in your hands, one that any ruler would be glad to own, carry, and wield.

Key Features

  • Based on the Classic Roman Gladius
  • Possesses a Straight Blade with a Fine Point
  • The Blade is Made from Fine Steel
  • Hilt is Wood, with Light and Dark Tones and A Spiral Carved Grip
  • Includes an Ornate Scabbard with Carrying Rings
  • A Fine Collectible, Display Piece, and Costume Weapon

  • Measurements

  • Blade Length: 26 inches
  • Overall Length: 32.5 inches