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Product Details

If you want a project, than this You Finish Hickory Longbow may be the thing for you! This bow is for the enthusiastic archer who wants the satisfaction of having finished their bow themselves, as well as a great template that is open to customization! This bow-kit includes a partially completed bow, left completely unsanded, unfinished, and unstained, giving you the opportunity to make the bow of your dreams, with your own two hands! The base is made entirely from fine hickory wood, which lends the bow good strength and durability, as well as a beautiful look, should you leave it naturally finished. It also features a shaped grip and string notches near the tips. An arrow rest piece is included, which can be glued on or banded on with cord, allowing you to add an arrow rest to your custom bow, or to leave it as a classic shoot-off-the-hand style bow. The bow includes a bow string, a bow stringer (for ease of use), as well as paper instructions giving your further details on how to complete this bow. The bow has an overall length of 72 inches, as well as a draw length of 28 inches. It is offered in a number of different poundages, which encompass five-pound increments - your bow will fall in between your selected increment. If you have always wanted a custom bow, this is a great way to get it, as this You Finish Hickory Longbow puts the design in your hands, to paint, stain, and finish as you desire! And once you finish it, it will serve you well as a practice bow, a competition piece, and even as a hunting bow (although if you are getting it for competition and hunting, make sure you check with local regulations and rules to ensure that everything is in compliance, first).

Remember to always unstring your bow when you are not using it. Never fire the bow without an arrow, and never pull your bow back further than the max draw length (which, on this bow, is 28 inches). Store your bow horizontally, in a cool, dry place. Never store it outside. Never string your bow backwards, and do not leave it strung for overly long periods of time.

How to Tell your Draw Length and Draw Weight:

Draw Length: Your Draw Length measurement is how far you draw the bow back before releasing it. To find your draw length stand and extend both arms out in front of you, measure from your chest to the end of your middle finger and subtract two inches. This will find your approximate draw length.

Draw Weight: This is how heavy (in pounds) you will be pulling the bow back at your specified draw length. For instance, at a draw weight of 60 lbs., when you pull the bow back, at a 28 inch draw length, you will be holding back 60 pounds of force. Draw Weight is harder to determine, but a draw weight of 25-30 lbs. is great for a beginner, as well as for casual target practice. 40 pounds or higher is recommended for hunting.

Key Features:

  • An Unfinished Bow Kit
  • Allows You to Customize Your Bow
  • Made Entirely from Unsanded Hickory
  • Includes Instructions, Bow String, Stringer, and Optional Arrow Rest
  • Can be Stained and Painted Into Near Limitless Designs
  • Great for the Archer Who Wants a Fully Personalized Bow
  • Ideally Suited for Practice, Target Shooting Competitions, Hunting, and More


  • Overall Length: 72 Inches
  • Bows are hand-crafted, so length may vary by an inch.

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